What Makes Rent Manager Customer Success Special?

July 17, 2023


Steven Salisbury

Premium Support

Calling customer support departments can be a frustrating experience. You wait on hold, connect with a representative, give them your information and details of the issue you’re looking to resolve, then start troubleshooting. All this time spent on the phone takes away time you could be using more productively. While many companies have increased the burden of this experience by replacing human representatives with auto attendants and bots, Rent Manager’s Customer Success Team continues to keep our customers’ experience—and valuable time—at the forefront.

Rent Manager Customer Success Differentiators

Rent Manager’s Customer Success Team addresses the typical pain points of contacting a support department. What does that mean for you? An ongoing relationship with a team of specialists that know the ins and outs of your business, less waiting on hold with a direct line to your support personnel, and Rent Manager guidance that extends far beyond troubleshooting issues.

Customer Success Specialists

When you become a Rent Manager user, we partner with your organization, learn your operation, and establish a lasting relationship with your business’ key decision-makers. This relationship is facilitated by your dedicated team of Customer Success Specialists. This lineup consists of four to six Rent Manager experts who learn your business inside and out. That way, they understand how you use the software in your everyday operations and what type of support you’re likely to need.

Holding Conversations, Not the Phone

Rent Manager’s Customer Success Team delivers direct access to your Customer Success Specialists. Using a dedicated “team” phone number, you can quickly connect to one of your available specialists. Because you have a direct line, hold times are all but eliminated. Instead, you can get right to the reason you called—enabling you to spend less time on the phone and more time tending to your most important tasks.

Austin-Fleck Property Management
Susan Austin-Fleck
Austin-Fleck Property Management
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I love that I can call a Customer Success Specialist who can easily see everything that’s going on without me recapping all the details.
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More than Troubleshooting

Your Customer Success Specialists are there to help in more ways than simply solving your technical issues. Beyond contacting your team of specialists for Rent Manager troubleshooting, you can also reach out to them for general knowledge and ideas for using the software more efficiently. These types of requests include product demonstrations, recommendations, best practices, and long-term planning advice, among others. This is where your specialists’ intimate knowledge of your business truly shines, as they can tailor their advice to your unique needs, portfolio, and daily operations.


Let’s face it—nobody likes having to call for help, but the Customer Success with Premium Support program can help you learn to love it. With a dedicated team of Customer Success Specialists who know your business inside and out, you get the full Rent Manager experience: one that is customized to your company’s specific needs. Further, you get direct and immediate access to your Specialists, meaning you spend less time explaining your needs and more time working on the projects that boost your bottom line. Finally, you’re able to pick these Rent Manager experts’ brains to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for using your database in the most effective way possible for your business.

Ready to invest in Customer Success with Premium Support? Learn more by contacting your Sales Representative at Sales@RentManager.com or give us a call at 800-669-0871.

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