Improving Maintenance Operations

September 18, 2023


Vanessa Perry

Plumber fixing a leak in a sink

Reducing the amount of stress and time spent on maintenance operations is a property manager’s dream. Fewer service calls and scheduling can lead to a more efficient, streamlined maintenance process. Companies like Excalibur Homes have been able to do exactly that, and more.

The Importance of Maintenance to an Operation

Consistent maintenance of appliances, equipment, and machinery is crucial to the success of any property. When issues such as a malfunctioning air conditioner or leaky faucet occur, the result can be higher costs, a negative perception of your property, and increased resident turnover. Routine inspections and repairs should always be a top priority, but a lack of resources can prevent those essential activities from occurring.

Excalibur Homes’ Process-Improvement Needs

Excalibur Homes—a customer of Rent Manager and Property Meld—provides leasing and property management services to residential communities in and around Atlanta. Prior to using Property Meld, Excalibur’s maintenance coordinators were assigned projects based on specific work categories—plumbing jobs were handled by a plumbing coordinator, heating and cooling service issues went to an HVAC coordinator, etc.

As a result, the company’s property managers had to schedule with numerous maintenance coordinators—a laborious task. Using Property Meld’s ability to categorize work by property groups, rather than specialty, Excalibur now has a single coordinator to care for an entire property—improving maintenance operations and saving valuable time. And, since data moves from Property Meld directly into Rent Manager, property managers have access to all the repair and upkeep information they need in one comprehensive solution.

Property Meld’s Approach to Maintenance Operations

Fully integrated with Rent Manager, Property Meld is an advanced PropTech resource that delivers automation, communication, tracking, and scheduling tools to optimize maintenance operations and improve resident satisfaction. Further, its ability to categorize maintenance work by property groups enables a single maintenance employee to coordinate service issues for an entire property, freeing property managers to focus on other business priorities.

Learn more about how Property Meld enabled Excalibur Homes to operate more effectively and efficiently by checking out their case study.

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