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June 9, 2015


Rent Manager

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Are you stuck straddling between your software database and your property website? Having two separate accounts to manage can often lead to oversights and creates more work when updating vacancies, new units, price changes, and more.

Luckily with Rent Manager, you don’t have to manage your website and your database separately.

As a Rent Manager user, property managers can directly link their community websites to the software. This means any applicable changes to the data in Rent Manager can automatically update to the listing on a property website.

If your website is not integrated into your property management software, you are doubling the work, says Chris Griesinger, Training Group Manager.

Custom Websites

More and more people are going to the web to find their next place to live, says Chris. With the rise in online searches, your website is often the very first impression that a possible client will have of you. The goal of Rent Manager’s Website Integration is to convert interested people into paying residents.

In order to best serve our customers, our team can build a custom website that echoes the look and feel of any property. The website can be completely tailored to the unique needs of any community, and our experienced developers will walk users through the entire process.

Online Applications

online application screenshotWith Rent Manager’s Website Integration, property managers also have the ability to receive applications directly through their website. Prospects can specify the unit, move-in date, give general information, and even make a deposit online. This online application is completely customized by the property manager, so it can require unique information and act as a pre-screening tool.

You want to gather enough information from the applicant to make a reasonable decision as to whether or not you would rent to them, Chris says.

As a property manager, maybe you want to make employment history a required field on your application, or ask applicants to provide references. All of these capabilities are offered to Rent Manager users and can be easily edited if needed.

Once the application is complete, property managers will receive an e-mail notifying them that a new prospect has been added to Rent Manager. That’s right, you can set up the application so that Rent Manager automatically creates a prospect account when an application is submitted online. If you wish to do so, an automatic e-mail can also be sent to the prospect confirming their application has been received.

For more information on how Rent Manager can better your business, please call 800-669-0871.

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