How Do You Cut Phone Traffic by 90%?

December 16, 2015


Rent Manager

Rent Manager on Laptop

Consider a typical day in the office (if there ever were such a thing). The phone traffic booms at its usual steady pace, with most of the calls being basic inquiries about a listed property. Prospects want to know about the layout, square footage, rent rate, and more. Sure it’s all part of your marketing efforts to field those phone calls but, if you could cut down on redundant phone time by 90%, would you do it?

For over a decade, Instant Rental Info has been eliminating the basic inquiry calls that can eat up your time. The company’s Virtual Leasing Assistant shares a property’s details, rent, and gives rental qualifications via a pre-recorded message, giving prospects the information they need without tying you to your phone all day.

This service is yet another example of how the industry is evolving to meet the demands of a thriving rental market. The possibilities are endless nowadays with an increase in automation software. Those who aren’t opting to modernize just yet will soon be caught playing catch-up.

How to Reduce Phone Traffic

So how does it work? When a potential renter pulls up to a new home they are interested in, the prospect simply calls, enters the keyword on the sign, or uses the numeric portion of the address to hear a real human voice explain the property in real-time.

The service works well for homes of any type. For single-family homes and manufactured housing, Instant Rental Info gives prospects the information they need before contacting the office. For multifamily, the program captures drive-by traffic, serving as an added marketing tool.

But this resource isn’t only beneficial to those in search of a new home. Every phone call captures data in real time and sends a report directly to the property manager. As a result, they know exactly who is interested, when they called, and if they took any actions after.

Taking it one step further, companies can set up a message system to move their prospects down the sales funnel by allowing them to set up an appointment to view the space while on the phone.

So as a Rent Manager customer, how does Instant Rental Info work for you? The good news is there is no extra step for you to quickly make the most of this versatile service. Instant Rental Info pulls from the data already listed in Rent Manager and converts it into a human voice. This way, your prospects can be greeted by a friendly person on the other end of the line.

The industry continues to advance with technological changes, making the lives of property management professionals a little easier. Consider the benefit of Instant Rental Info to trim the excess phone traffic out of your busy schedule.

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