Customer Story: Jamison Management Company

October 18, 2023


Vanessa Perry

Jamison Management Team

Rent Manager can create anything we dream up.

– Christie slatcher

Jamison Management Company manages more than 300 single-family and multifamily properties with close to 3,000 units combined in Los Angeles, Tulsa, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Family-owned and operated since 1995, Jamison Management’s mission is to elevate the standards of the industry by being better landlords and ensuring their tenants and clients have a positive experience.

A Commitment to Customer Service

What separates Jamison Management from other property management companies is their commitment to customer service and attention to detail. “We provide our residents with quality units at an affordable price and are very responsive to their needs. Since we’re basically a liaison between the resident and landlord, it’s important that we make sure their voices are heard and any concerns are addressed,” says Christie Slatcher, Chief Financial Officer and Owner/Principal of Jamison Management. “My parents got into property management because my father didn’t like selling a service to clients where he had no control over the return on investment. He wanted to ensure it was managed correctly, so that was the inspiration for starting our company.” Christie, who has been with Jamison Management for 19 years, wears many hats. “I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work such as finance, training, accounting, human resources and marketing.”

A Complete Option for Jamison Management Company

In 2007, Jamison Management started using Rent Manager after entering the Tulsa market and determining they needed a platform that could be managed remotely. “Rent Manager provided us with robust features and a more complete option,” explains Christie. “Our previous software didn’t have a cost-effective option, wasn’t user-friendly, and service was poor. I looked at another platform and it didn’t even have customization options like the user defined fields (UDFs) in Rent Manager.”

One of Jamison Management’s core values is to innovate and execute best practices. Rent Manager assists in this goal by providing the company with custom reports to track data. “We’re able to create aged receivable reports to view outstanding balances” shares Christie. “While Rent Manager’s automation and notification features are great, my favorite is integrated billing. Using this feature, we can bill a month’s worth of maintenance expenses for an average of 10 maintenance techs in seconds—it’s pretty cool.” Other game changing solutions for Jamison Management include Rent Manager’s dashboards, open API, and integrations. “Rent Manager can create anything we dream up.”

Quality Support and Solutions from Rent Manager

An area that Christie believes Rent Manager excels in most is the level of service provided. “We have Premium Support and it’s a one-stop shop for us. I have a team that I can email questions to, and they are very responsive.” Further, she appreciates the solutions offered by the software. “Rent Manager is always improving, which means they are listening to customers and really care about meeting our needs. I love that the software is so flexible, affordable, and customizable—I can’t imagine life without it or my UDFs.”

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