5 Customization Opportunities Available in Rent Manager

September 1, 2021


Sam Shannon


Rent Manager is a fully customizable software that’s designed to fit your company’s specific needs. Our powerful system caters to all industries, and businesses of every size. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program, so we have to ask… Are you taking advantage of the multitude of customization opportunities available to you? Start redefining your software experience and implement the steps below to simplify your Rent Manager to-do list.

Tailor Your Reports Settings

From the Balance Sheet and Charge Detail to Unit Turnover and Aged Payables reports, Rent Manager has a robust library of more than 450 comprehensive reports that provide managers and owners with vital business and financial information. Are there certain report columns that are more relevant to your operation that you’d like to add, remove, or rename? Rent Manager allows you to make that customization. Follow these steps for report customization:

  • Go to Reports -> Choose a system-generated report from the database -> Select the appropriate Report Options (Properties to Include, Date Range, Sort Options, etc.)
  • Click View Grid.
  • Click Setup Columns in the righthand corner.
  • You can add any column from the Available Columns list to your report by clicking the column name and moving it to the Selected Columns list by clicking >.
  • Click Ok.
  • To remove columns from a report, click Setup Columns, select the columns you want to eliminate in the Selected Columns list, and then click <.
  • Click Ok.
  • To change any column name, identify the column to rename in the Selected Columns list and enter the new name in the Custom Name field.
  •  Click Ok.
  • If you want this new column setup to be the default layout for this report, click Save.
  • To view the Grid as a Report, click Print.

Edit Your Dashboard Tiles

The Rent Manager Dashboard displays tiles of vital business information—such as vacancies, move ins/outs, bank balances, security deposits due, and beyond. Since the Dashboard is the first page you see when you open Rent Manager, it offers a great opportunity to get an immediate feel for your operational health and your essential management to-do’s.

Would you like to change the information that displays in those tiles? Perhaps update the number of days delinquent on the Delinquency List tile? Using the Delinquency List tile as an example, follow the steps below to customize your Dashboard tiles:

On the Dashboard, choose the Delinquency List tile (If it’s not on your Dashboard already, you can add it by right clicking on any free gray space, selecting Dashboard Designer, locating Delinquency List in the tile selection, and dragging it to your dashboard. Once placed and finished, select Back to Dashboard.) Select the Gear icon in the upper-righthand corner of the tile.

In the Delinquency List Tile Data Filters window, users can adjust the following data points:

  • Days to Include – This number defaults to 10. Enter the number of days you consider delinquent.
  • Property Filter – This filter defaults to All Properties. By clicking the pencil icon, users can edit which properties’ tenants are included in the Delinquency List tile results.
  • Tenants to Include – Users can choose P (past), C (current), and F (future) to determine which tenants are shown on the tile.
  • Default Sort Column – This determines how the tenants in the Delinquency List tile will display by default.
  • Click Save to keep your changes in place.

Setup System Filters

Do you use filters to locate tenants for a specific property, or for those with an outstanding balance? Do you think those filters could be useful for your co-workers? Then start sharing filters with your staff by saving System Filters!

When creating or editing a filter, simply click Save System Filter to make your parameters sharable. You will be prompted to assign the filter to particular users, and that filter will then appear in the filter list for all users you selected.

To modify filter assignments, go to Admin -> Setup -> Users -> Filters tab or Admin -> Setup -> System Filters.

Access Your Most-Used Features Quickly and Easily

Are there areas of Rent Manager that you use every day? You can access them in no time by customizing your menu ribbon at the top of the program’s screen!

Navigate to Admin -> Setup -> Menu Ribbons.

Add new ribbons, edit your existing toolbars, and even assign your layouts to other users. It’s a simple way to streamline and customize Rent Manager to meet your daily business needs.

Find the Right Words with the Online Template Library

The Online Template Library is your one-stop-shop for commonly used property management letters, additional reports, custom forms, and so much more. All templates are conveniently organized by categories—tenants, owners, vendors, unit letters—the list goes on. Just download a report or letter template and use scripting to pull in the exact contact information you want. Find the specific terms you’re searching for, every time, and mass mail or email your documents to the right recipients.

To access the Online Template Library, go to Admin > Online Template Library.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the customization you can achieve with Rent Manager. Make the software your own, and develop workflows that suit your unique way of doing business.

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