An All-New Modern Access Control Solution for Your Property

January 25, 2024


Rent Manager

Lady using an intercom system

Not all access control systems are created equal, which poses a significant question for property managers—how do you find an entry management solution that has everything you need? And more importantly, why should you take the time to ensure your system is the most trustworthy resource for your property? Below, we’ll explore what to look for in a state-of-the-art system and give you a glimpse into a solution that does it all!

What is modern access control?

Modern access management allows you to regulate who can enter your property via remote management technology. But what makes a system ”modern?” The latest systems are cloud-based and empower you to remotely monitor your property entrance. Different entry control frameworks offer varying degrees of innovation, and some aren’t as secure or convenient as others.

Why is access control important?

Access management is important because it instills a sense of security for your residents and on-site staff. A modern system improves the convenience of access management throughout an entire property—also known as holistic access control. With a holistic system, you and your staff have more control over your property which reduces the stress of security monitoring.

What makes a good system?

A quality system will empower you to remotely monitor who is accessing various spaces around your property. It will also increase the safety of your residents without sacrificing convenience.

Ease of use

One of the most telling aspects of a quality system is its ease of use. The last thing your residents and their visitors want is an intercom system that isn’t user-friendly. To combat this, any new system should have an interface that’s simple to use and well-lit so it’s easy to find. In addition, the system you select should enable mobile access instead of relying solely on physical credentials.

Enable growth

Since every community has the potential to change and grow, the directory space of your access control system shouldn’t be limited. A network with cloud-based storage will make it easy for you and your staff to add, edit, or delete anyone from the member directory. Further, cloud-based capabilities will retain information about entry trends on your property, allowing you to manage access anytime, anywhere for optimal security.

Integrate with other systems

A good access management system will not limit your ability to use other types of mechanisms and security. It will easily integrate with:

  • Your Rent Manager database
  • Smart locks
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Thermostats and HVAC systems
  • Fire alarm systems

Enhance operational efficiency

The best access control system will enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. Automating your security and entry systems ultimately makes it easier for you to see who’s entering and leaving your property. For example, integrating this type of system with Rent Manager means you only have to maintain one database. Residents added to Rent Manager should automatically be added to your system so they can immediately access your property. This level of automation empowers your staff members and residents to take access into their own hands instead of relying on outdated manual systems.

What is the future of access control systems?

The future of access control is having an end-to-end solution like the ButterflyMX video intercom system which connects all aspects of entry—from the front gate to the unit door. ButterflyMX integrates with Rent Manager so that resident access is automatically granted and revoked as needed. For more information, click here.

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