Advancing Women in Manufactured Housing

March 22, 2023


Vanessa Perry

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In honor of Women’s History Month, it is quite fitting to highlight an organization whose mission is to elevate women. Women Advancing Manufactured Housing (WAMH) does that and more. Established in 2021, WAMH is a non-profit organization that supports women in the MH industry by improving the perception of this vital housing category throughout the U.S. and helping to expand the knowledge of its membership.

WAMH leadership consists of five executive committee members: Justine Natalie, WAMH Co-chair and Owner/Co-Founder, Dynamic MH Solutions; Maria Horton, WAMH Co-chair and Regional Manager/Director of Marketing, Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc.; Sherrie Clevenger, WAMH Deputy Chair and Vice President of Product Management, LightBox; Kim Shultz-Rainford, WAMH Secretary and Owner, Affordable Casa Group; and Maryuri Barberan, WAMH Treasurer and Executive Vice President/Comptroller, Pentagon Properties, Inc. The executive committee conducts quarterly member meetings to discuss industry topics and also have guest speakers present. Membership in the organization has already exceeded 300 industry professionals and continues to grow further.

“WAMH was created in 2021 by a group of women who attended the SECO Conference,” shares Sherrie Clevenger. “During one of the virtual conference chatrooms, someone asked if there was a group for women in manufactured housing. After several women showed interest, a discussion about the need for a group turned into a roundtable discussion the next evening. At that roundtable, our mission was drafted and one month later, our goals were finalized.”

Women Advancing Manufactured Housing Objectives and Programs

WAMH’s goals are to:

  • Provide a supportive network of women and men to increase the presence and voice of women in the manufactured housing industry.
  • Improve the perception of the manufactured housing industry.
  • Create a collaborative effort for general industry answers and expand the knowledge of each WAMH member.

WAMH’s programs include:

  • Workwear For Success – Provides needed funding to purchase attire for those who work in manufactured housing or a related industry.
  • Excellence Scholarship—Offers educational opportunities for people who work in manufactured housing.
  • WAMH High Five—Recognizes individuals for an accomplishment, collaboration, or expanding member knowledge.

Why Women Advancing Manufactured Housing is Necessary

Maria Horton believes the need for this organization has been on the minds and hearts of many women in the manufactured housing industry for quite a while. “Looking for a place to network with others in the industry, this dream quickly became a reality. With the support of those who truly believed in the need, we were able to form WAMH.”

“The need for women to have an increased presence and voice in our industry was strong,” says Kim Shultz-Rainford. “We approach problems differently and have the potential to make drastic improvements, as our members work in all facets of manufactured housing every day. The industry has suffered from a negative perception in the past and we are striving to improve it through exposure, education, and knowledge.”

As mentioned in WAMH’s goals, the organization is open to everyone. “Our goal is not only to help women, but to advance the industry as a whole,” explains Justine Natalie. “WAMH programs are meant to help anyone in need of assistance, and we encourage all genders and ages to apply.”

Furthermore, the collaboration and knowledge shared between members is truly invaluable. “We are constantly helping each other grow because it truly takes a village to make a difference,” says Maryuri Barberan.

Rent Manager’s Involvement in Women Advancing Manufactured Housing

As a sponsor of WAMH, Rent Manager is proud to endorse the mission and vision of the organization. “Rent Manager is an incredible supporter of WAMH, and has participated in many, if not all, of our events to date,” shares Clevenger. “Their team is willing to support WAMH members with answers to questions, and share perspectives and insights on topics as well.” Natalie wholeheartedly agrees, “The Rent Manager team interacts with people on many different levels in the industry and brings so much knowledge and experience to our WAMH members.”

In addition to sponsoring WAMH, Rent Manager is the property management software provider for three of the companies that WAMH executive committee members represent—Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc., Affordable Casa Group, and Pentagon Properties, Inc. “Rent Manager helps us organize our communities, and manage our payments, reports, and monthly activities for each of our customers. The software has so many features that makes property management much easier and organized,” shares Barberan. “By utilizing Rent Manager and its many features, we can be much more efficient in our billing and daily operations and far less reliant on paper files,” explains Shultz-Rainford.


“WAMH wants to make a difference and help others in the industry,” says Horton. “This month, we honor women and their contributions to manufactured housing and all aspects of the industry. Many thanks to the women behind the scenes as well as the women owners and executives who are leading the way for our career growth!”

To become a member of WAMH, simply request to join the WAMH LinkedIn group. To learn more about WAMH and become a supporter of the organization, visit their website.

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