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June 15, 2022


Rent Manager

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The Rent Manager Integrations Program is a launchpad for growth. Through our open application programming interface (API), users can completely customize their software experience. By building new workflows that integrate with Rent Manager, and setting up automation for common maintenance, marketing, and screening challenges; your team can conserve your most valuable resource: time. There are more than 150 technology providers in our network and each one offers a meaningful enhancement to your software experience. Rent Manager integrates with some of the top PropTech innovators on the market, many of which are experts in their field. These technology providers have built property-management specific solutions that adapt to an industry that continues to weather immense change.  

Property Management Is Always Changing—Keep Pace With PropTech

PropTech providers are moving quickly. They’re identifying industry-wide pain points and delivering processes and resources to solve them. From resident screening and utility billing to smart entry systems and package management—you really can tailor Rent Manager to fit your specific needs.

Introducing technologies and automation that completes daily tasks for you is especially helpful when you’re short staffed. Implementing timesaving features like virtual tours, resident-led inspections, and maintenance troubleshooting greatly reduces employee burnout.

So, How Does It Work, And Where Do I Start?

While each provider in the program integrates with Rent Manager a little differently, they all offer a seamless user experience. Upon joining the Integrations Program, companies are given the technical specifications and resources necessary to build, maintain, and support robust integrations with Rent Manager. Because the API provides both “read” and “write” access to the information stored in your Rent Manager database, each technology provider you work with can collect live data from the program and write new data into your system. This results in your database staying in sync and up-to-date with no manual or duplicate data entry required. Most importantly, your data remains secure in one spot—Rent Manager. With better aggregated data, your operation can use that information in more automations, reports, and other business-critical activities. 

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