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March 11, 2020


Rent Manager

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A seemingly never-ending to-do list comes with the territory of property management. Between rental applications, inspection photos, leases, and check scans, the paperwork can feel immense and at times, unmanageable. Organizing each piece digitally and ensuring that they’re linked to the correct contact can be a whole other bear. Luckily, Rent Manager supplies you with tools to tackle that paperwork mountain with gusto. Upload Manager takes scanned documents and photos from your computer and brings them directly into your database, putting an end to jumping in and out of the software to dig for those documents.

Enable Upload Manager

Once Upload Manager is activated, the process works seamlessly. Place the photos and files you’d like in your Rent Manager database into the designated Uploads folder on your computer. Once enabled, Rent Manager will pull those files into the database. Then, simply drag and drop the files you’ve saved to Upload Manager into any part of the software that accepts attachments. Convenient, right?
Simplify your workday now by following the steps below.

  • Create a folder on your computer or network that Rent Manager will “watch” for future uploads. We recommend naming this folder RM Uploads and keeping it on the desktop of your C drive.
  • In your database, head to Admin > Personal Preferences > Upload Manager.
  • Under the Upload Manager settings, check Enable Upload Manager.
  • For Source folder to watch, click the three dots and navigate to the RM Uploads folder you created on your desktop.
  • In the Upload for section, select whether you would like the uploaded files to be available only to you, or to all users.
  • In the After copying files locally section, determine how you would like to handle the original files. It’s a best practice to select Move file to _uploaded to ensure there is no data loss, and the original files can be recovered if needed.
  • Click Save.

Attach Uploaded Files to Upload Manager

In Rent Manager, navigate to Services > Upload Manager to display the blue window with all available uploaded files. From there, you can drag and drop the files into a tenant, prospect, or vendor’s History/Notes and attach files to a bill created inside of Rent Manager. You can even create a bill from one of your documents. Simply right-click on the attachment and select Create Bill.

View Settings

As with most features in Rent Manager, your view settings are customizable. Choose between list or icon view. You also have the choice to toggle between Global and User files; meaning, the files in view can either be the files that every Rent Manager user has uploaded or just the files that you have uploaded.

Clear the Clutter

This feature captures everything you need in one accessible spot. The Upload Manager window will show all your files; making it really easy to see which files you have at your disposal.

Always customer-focused and designed to streamline daily processes, Rent Manager delivers meaningful solutions for property managers.

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