Welcome Home Your New Renters

August 24, 2015


Rent Manager

Rent Manager on Laptop

There are several ways to take your leasing agent status from average to excellent. We’ve put together a short list of tips to help you give your new tenants a proper welcome.

1. Put a list together of local moving companies with pricing before your tenants even get their keys.

This will take a little bit of research on the front end but once you’re done, you can use the document again and again

  2. Give your tenants a welcome basket full of basic cleaning supplies.

Throw in some kitchen cleaner, a roll of paper towels, and a box of trash bags to make your tenants’ move-in process even easier. They’ll appreciate not having to run out to the store to buy some basics.

3. Offer coupons or ads for some favorite local restaurants and shops.

Partner with local retailers and eateries to see if they’d like to feature a coupon for new neighbors. The restaurants will appreciate the opportunity for more publicity and your tenants will appreciate you helping them get acclimated to the community.

4. Personally welcome your tenants to their new apartment.

This may seem small, but it’s common for leasing agents to hand their tenants the keys, point them in the right direction, and sit back down at their desk. Instead, offer to walk your tenants to their door. You don’t have to linger, but guiding them around your property can be a huge help.

5. Send a “Welcome Home” card.

A simple “Welcome!” card can go a long way when you first walk into a new place. It’s nice to let them know you are happy that they’re at your property and you appreciate their business.

6. Leave a “move-in checklist.”

This list can include things like how to:

  • Activate their resident account
  • Set up cable and internet connections
  • Load their laundry card
  • Recycle moving boxes
  • Find emergency safety locations
  • Alert the post office of their address change
  • Set up autopay to automate rent payments

This short list can go a long way toward making your residents feel comfortable in their new home. Since the first few weeks at any property can set up expectations for the rest of their stay, it’s nice to start your renters off on the right foot.

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