Top 3 Reasons to Attend a Property Management Conference Like RMUC.23

April 12, 2023


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Now that registration is open for the 2023 Rent Manager User Conference (RMUC.23)—which takes place in Dallas, Texas later this year—you may be scheduling your flights and booking your hotel stay. Our property management conference offers amazing opportunities for those in the industry to learn, network, and test-drive the latest product features available in Rent Manager. While these experiences cost you or your business money, the opportunity to learn and grow is worth the investment. Here are the top three reasons you should attend a property management conference like RMUC.23. We hope that you agree!

1. Quality Agenda and Sessions

With so many online trainings and virtual options readily available, it’s important to understand what an in-person event will offer before attending a property management conference. Review what sessions are being presented and who is teaching those classes. Check out the presenter list and look for names and biographies that make you excited to attend. Additionally, some events have attendance caps for certain sessions. Confirm that you’ll be able to attend the classes you want, and what steps you need to take to secure your seat.

As the winner of the 2023 Gold Stevie Award in Conferences & Meetings – Educational Event category, the Rent Manager User Conference sets high standards when it comes to our sessions. Each year, we review our schedule and carefully select classes that will provide the biggest impact for our attendees. Sessions presented by our internal Rent Manager experts are thoroughly reviewed and practiced in front of the RMUC planning committee and peers. For our external speakers, we recruit the industry’s best to share their hard-earned advice, tips, and tricks that will help attendees solve today’s most pressing property management problems.

2. Tangible Learnings from our Property Management Conference

Getting inspired by an amazing presentation or conversation is just the first step. The hardest part is taking that inspiration and translating it into visible progress. If your employer is paying to send you to a conference, a bottom-line boost is likely the return they want on their investment. For this, you not only need inspiring sessions, but practical advice on how to implement changes in your business.

The RMUC always starts with Rent Manager Bootcamp, an all-day training led by Rent Manager experts. This year, we’re expanding our offerings with two customized options: Rent Manager Core Bootcamp, our crash-course fundamentals training, and Rent Manager Administrator Bootcamp, a customized training course where you can learn creative solutions to your everyday operations. Attendees will also have the chance to earn a coveted Rent Manager Certification while attending the conference—an accreditation demonstrating a level of expertise that is well worth the conference investment.  Any of these learning opportunities will empower attendees to return to their office ready to tackle any challenge.

3. Networking Opportunities for Attendees

Industry conferences are the perfect place to network! Review the conference schedule to see if the event offers chances for networking. This includes happy hours, social events, or industry lunch groups–all great ways to connect with other attendees in a natural environment. Some events offer even more networking opportunities with sponsor trade shows. These spaces are usually packed with vendor booths and allow attendees to walk around, view product demonstrations, and mingle with liked-minded peers.

RMUC.23 offers several networking opportunities that are included with the price of admission. The Opening Reception, Innovation Hall Power Hour, and Mealtime Networking tables all offer fun ways to let loose and connect with other attendees and exhibitors. This year, the newly-added Networking Track will also provide a dedicated time for property management professionals to connect with their peers by industry and Rent Manager experience level. Our Rent Manager experts attend the same social events as attendees, so they are easy to connect with if you have any questions. We also offer a Premier Social Event that takes attendees out of the learning mindset to experience our host city for a night of food and fun.

Make the Most of Your Property Management Conference Experience

Once you decide to attend, ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Here are some tips to maximize your conference experience.

Get Approval

Attending an industry conference is an investment of time and money. Ensure your boss understands the value of your attendance by sharing the information that sold you. Explain which sessions you plan to attend, and how you can use what you learn to impact the business. To make your proposal even more impressive and save yourself some time, check out this pitch letter to attend RMUC.23.


Check the weather and pack accordingly! Print extra business cards and be prepared to use them. Most importantly, clear your schedule so you can fully focus on your conference experience! Review the agenda and choose sessions that will have the greatest impact on you ahead of time. Most events have packed schedules with overlapping classes. As great as it would be to attend every class, it’s not always possible. By narrowing your focus you can free your schedule for impromptu networking experiences. Don’t forget to make time for ‘non-educational’ events, like formalized networking sessions, informal happy hours, group workouts, movie screenings, etc. You can review all the sessions offered at RMUC.23 and start planning your experience now here.

Engage With Sessions

Participate in classes and take notes. This will help you retain information and provide a handy resource when you return to work. Snag the speaker’s contact information and send a follow-up email, referencing a moment from the session. Not only will this reinforce what you learn, but potentially create a valuable industry contact. Collect business cards or jot down quick reminders about new contacts after networking sessions to help you build relationships and references for later. Take note of follow-up ideas, shared interests, or any key questions for your next interaction.

Attend Non-Educational Events

Attending conferences isn’t just about the new skills you learn, but the new connections you make. As mentioned earlier, take advantage of any networking offered. From structured to informal events, there are many ways to get to know your fellow attendees outside of the classroom. Take advantage of the in-person element and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone–you never know who you might meet!

For even more conference tips, check out our podcast, Beyond Rent: Top Tips for Maximizing The Value of a Conference. And don’t forget to register for the 2023 Rent Manager User Conference. Early Bird discount pricing ends Friday, June 30, so register today!

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