Tech Tuesday: How To Turn Insurance Into a Profit Center

2 P.M. EST, October 2

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, LeaseTerm Solutions will showcase how to turn your insurance program into a profit-center for your operation. They will discuss the unnecessary risks owners take by not implementing liability programs, and some of the options available for security deposit alternatives and renter’s insurance.

The webinar will cover:

  1. Antiquated issues with traditional security deposit systems
  2. Pitfalls of most current renter’s insurance programs
  3. How LeaseTerm Solutions helps increase recoveries and reduce administration costs by offering residents simple, seamless, and cost-effective insurance solutions, including a run-through of LeaseProtect, a security deposit alternative program, and AssetProtect, their resident liability program
  4. How these solutions integrate with Rent Manager
  5. Live Q/A

Meeting ID: 934-504-499

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