Tech Tuesday: Automating the Maintenance Process

2 P.M. EST, January 8

Maintenance can become a massive cost to your operation, and we’re not just talking in terms of salaries. Considering that maintenance issues are a top driver of negative online reviews, you have to keep your maintenance in control.

This session explores the important role technology can play in streamlining the maintenance process and reducing associated costs. You’ll also see how Property Meld, a Rent Manager partner, has been innovating in this space to provide a powerful and integrated maintenance solution for your company.

The webinar will consist of:

  1. Discussing the costs impacted by maintenance that nobody knows about.
  2. How maintenance is affecting online reputation and why it matters to your bottom line.
  3. How Property Meld automates the follow-up and improves direct and indirect cost savings.
  4. 15-minute Q/A

Meeting ID: 448-145-931

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