Spring Forward to Fun!

March 12, 2014


Erin Hooper


Sights and sounds tell us that spring has sprung… birds are chirping, temps are rising, and renters are once again venturing outside their homes. Endless opportunities abound to reconnect with your residents with timely events and uniquely inspired get-togethers. Here are a few ideas…

final-fourWho Will Take the Trophy Home?
If your rental community participated in March Madness, then you definitely have a great excuse to gather everyone together and compare results. Whose bracket had the most correct picks … and who missed by a mile?

But if you didn’t put a bracket tourney together, it’s okay.

You can still root for whichever team you think will win on April 5th and 7th, when the NCAA Final Four takes place in Arlington, Texas.

This is a great chance to organize Final Four festivities for your residents. Provide the must-have finger foods: wings, nachos, chips and dip, etc. and ask guests to Bring Your Own Beverages to keep it simple. Or if you want to go all out, supply food and drinks. Either way you do it, your party is bound to be a slam dunk with your sports fan renters.

EarthJoin the Green Movement! Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, is a great time to remind your residents of the many energy-conserving measures they can take reduce their carbon footprint… while saving money on their utility bill at the same time!

Share a few easy green tips:

  • Reduce your electricity use. In addition to the typical ways to limit electrical use (like turning off the lights or changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs), consider keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees… and even lower when you’re asleep or not in the house.
  • Reduce your hot water usage. Shorter, and slightly cooler, showers are good for your skin… and your electric bill. You can also cut waste by only operating your washing machine with cold water.
  • Leaving the blinds or curtains open during the day when it’s sunny out will help warm your house. When it’s overcast outside, close your blinds and curtains to keep out cold drafts.

Flower-Vegetable-Sprout-Pouch_MediumEarth Day is also a time to give back to the environment around us by planting trees and flowers. Offer every resident who stops by the office on the 22nd an easy-to-grow flower/vegetable kit that can fit on their windowsill. Or let them choose a potted plant to help beautify their rental unit. These are relatively low cost ways to put a smile on renters’ faces… while simultaneously beautifying the surroundings!

PretzelHere’s a Twisted Idea… If you’re craving a salty snack, then you’re going to love National Pretzel Day on April 26th!

A great way to pay homage to one of the world’s oldest snacks (which dates all the way back to the middle ages) is to give away bags of pretzels to each member of your rental community.

Or if you want a simple and unique way to market your property, try handing out snack-sized pretzel bags around town. Simply print some tags that say Happy National Pretzel Day from [Insert your business name here] and staple them to the bags. Pass them out around your available properties, in laundromats, grocery stores, or coffeehouses, as well as in front of your multi-family community.

This is truly a mouth-watering way to increase interest in your business!

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Photo credit: Foter/Public domain
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