Share a Little Virtual Love this Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2021


Sam Shannon

Valentine's Day Card

Four budget-friendly tips to celebrate with your community

Creating memories and fostering positive interactions is something we could all use a bit more of right now. While holidays continue to look and feel exceptionally different, that doesn’t invalidate the power they have to bring people joy. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there are several meaningful and budget-friendly ways to show your residents you care. Making people feel like they’re part of a community that values them not only puts some much-needed love back in the air, but it can increase resident retention and satisfaction as well.

You can easily revise long-standing traditions and make them virtual to ensure that everyone can celebrate safely. Spread a little love and levity this Valentine’s Day!

Send a Valentine’s Day Card to Your Residents

The novelty of receiving a handwritten card will never really wear off. If you’re a creative type with some extra time on your hands, consider sharing some words of affirmation on a Valentine’s Day card designed with your residents in mind. eCards can be just as impactful. Sites like American Greetings allow you to write personalized notes for free and email them to as many people as you’d like. You can even send a mass, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” text to all of your residents at once via Rent Manager’s text broadcasting feature.

Celebrate with a Door Decorating Contest

With folks sequestered in their homes, many are discovering a newfound love for crafting. It’s therapeutic and encourages people to step away from their screens and create something tangible. Encourage your residents to adorn their doors with Valentine’s Day-inspired designs and decorations. To increase participation, offer an incentive like a gift card to a local restaurant to the resident with the most amazingly decked outdoor.

Inspire Residents to Shop & Eat Local

Throughout the pandemic, small business owners have suffered major losses due to patron capacity limits and indoor dining restrictions. Show your appreciation for the local shops and restaurants that truly make your city home by compiling an all-local shopping and dining guide to email to your residents. Rather than purchasing gifts from big-name stores, they can show their valentine a lot of love with roses from the florist down the street, or a delicious to-go meal from a neighborhood eatery. Consider reaching out to local shops and restaurants to see if they are interested in providing a Valentine’s Day promotion to your community as a way to encourage spending.

Host an Instagram or Facebook Giveaway

Enhance your marketing efforts and offer one lucky winner a sought-after prize with a social media giveaway. Online giveaways are a great way to spread brand awareness in a place that people consistently inhabit: social media. On your business’s Instagram or Facebook pages, offer participants the chance to win a Visa gift card or other coveted giveaway simply by tagging friends on the post, following your page, or sharing the post on their Instagram stories with their followers. Giveaways drive major traffic to your property’s social media channels to audiences who may not otherwise see it. Drum-up potential leads and gain more name recognition through organic online outreach.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s always the thought that counts. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Rent Manager!

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