Reports to Monitor Productivity While Working from Home

April 8, 2020


Rent Manager

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You and your employees are navigating a new normal. As the COVID-19 situation continues to impact us, businesses big and small are moving operations out of the office. While the disruption is unsettling and just plain inconvenient for so many, you adapt. You adjust to working from home the same way you close a deal—with patience and persistence. As you oversee your team in the midst of so much change, your management and communication style will have to adapt as well. Popping over cubicle walls to ask questions or check on the progress of a prospect’s application is not an option for the time being. If you’re curious about how your operation’s productivity levels are faring during extended shelter-in-place periods, there are a few different Rent Manager reports and processes to help you monitor productivity levels.

Monitor Productivity with the Audit Trail

Reports > System > Audit Trail
Considered one of the most powerful reports in Rent Manager, the Audit Trail report allows administrators to monitor user actions that affect database setup and financial data. Each action is classified by “Audit Type,” helping you to narrow down and filter the report contents within your selected date range. It’s recommended to only grant Administrators access to the Audit Trail.

Check Rent Manager Log In & Out Times with the User Activity Log

Reports > System > User Activity Log
While working from home, it’s helpful to stick to your regular routine as best you can. Particularly the start and end times of your workday. Generating the User Activity Log reveals what time each user logs in and out of Rent Manager, as well as the duration of their time logged in.

Review Privileges with the User Privilege Listing

Reports > System > User Privilege Listing
As you work together to modify your workflows to accommodate to these new conditions, it might be a good time to reassess your team’s user roles and privileges. For an at-a-glance view of everyone’s abilities inside of Rent Manager, run the User Privilege Listing report. The report options allow you to be specific. Choose any privileges, banks, and properties you have in your database. Once the report is generated, you’ll see the full scope of user privileges, empowering you to maintain database security during your time away from the office.

See Account Activity with the History Notes Report

Reports > Rental Info > History Notes Report
Run the History/Notes Report to catch an at-a-glance view of your tenant’s account activity. Based on the report options you select, you can see various types of communication sent to the tenant. You can also generate by-note categories such as Tenant Web Access, Payment Notes, or Service Issues to further filter your results.

Monitor Leasing Productivity with the Prospect Box Score

Reports > Prospects > Prospect Box Score
The Prospect Box Score is an essential report for leasing agents. It’s a great way to check the progress of your company’s marketing and leasing efforts. Several independent tables of information track the means of communication between your agents and prospects. These means of communication include how prospects discovered your business, who made first contact, and what type of unit they’re interested in leasing—all within the selected date range. This vital information is pulled from the data entered in the prospect’s History/Notes tab.

Know Each Service Tech’s Hours

Reports > Service Manager > Service Tech Hours
Service Manager goes beyond just tracking Service Issues. Many Rent Manager users implement Service Issues to track the progress of department-wide projects, as well as each employee’s hours. The Service Tech Hours report shows when each user checked in and out of the job they’re working on, which unit the job is associated with, the issue/project description, and their total number of hours. Service hours are calculated from entries made via Service Manager or rmAppSuite Pro to the Service Issues field for Hours.
With the data each of these reports supply, you can keep a pulse on your operation’s productivity without face-to-face interactions. Feel confident in the direction of your business in just a few mouse clicks with Rent Manager reports.

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