Rent Manager Wins at the 2023 Globee Awards for American Business

August 21, 2023


Vanessa Perry

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Rent Manager won a Globee® Award in the Real Estate Management Solution category

London Computer Systems (LCS), developer of Rent Manager® property management software and other business-critical technologies, is proud to announce that Rent Manager won in the Real Estate Management Solution category at the 8th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for American Business. Known for organizing world-class business awards programs and business-ranking lists, the Globee Awards recognized Rent Manager as a standout solution during this year’s prestigious acknowledgements.

The Globee Awards for American Business

The Globee Awards for American Business celebrates organizations that have demonstrated unparalleled performance across various business categories. This accolade recognizes outstanding accomplishments in customer service, innovation, leadership, and more. With participants ranging from startups to small, medium, and large corporations, the program equally embraces organizations of all stages and industries.

The rigorous judging process involved hundreds of industry experts from around the world, also representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Quality Solutions for Real Estate Management, and More

The Rent Manager platform provides complete accounting and reporting resources; intuitive marketing and mobile tools; and comprehensive maintenance and property management capabilities; as well as an ever-growing network of integrated technology providers. The program delivers unique, customizable solutions to help meet the operational needs of companies that manage all types of properties—from multifamily apartment complexes and single-family homes, to manufactured housing communities, commercial real estate, and more.

About LCS

Incorporated in 1987 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, LCS develops business-critical software used in all 50 states and several global markets. LCS products include Rent Manager® property management software, rmVoIP telephone systems, and enterprise-level hosting solutions via its Sentry Data Center.

In addition, LCS provides complete network design, implementation support, and custom website development through its IT Services and Web Design Services divisions. With more than 40,000 users, LCS combines the best technologies with best practices to create unique, affordable, customer-focused products and services.

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About The Globee Awards

The Globee Awards present recognitions in nine programs and competitions. These include the following: Globee® Awards for American Business, Globee® Business Awards, Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence, Globee® Awards for Cybesecurity, Globee® Awards for Disruptors, Golden Bridge Awards®, Globee® Awards for Information Technology, Globee® Awards for Leadership, and Globee® Awards for Women in Business. To learn more about the Globee Awards, please visit

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