Rent Manager Users Connect with Integrators At First-Ever TechConnect Event

April 2, 2021


Rent Manager

Teamwork of business concept.

On March 23rd, more than 200 property management professionals connected with industry experts for our first-ever TechConnect event. This virtual round-table networking experience enabled Rent Manager’s customers, employees, and integrated technology providers to share stories, questions, and discuss the tech resources that helped them tackle pressing operational needs during an incredibly difficult year.

“I loved being able to break off and learn about all of the companies that integrate with Rent Manager. It was great to connect with other property managers to discuss issues we are having and to give each other advice.”

– Jessica Amell of Quality Buildings

Nicole Schook of Eagle Rock Properties joined Rent Manager’s Chris Griesinger, Joe Easton, and Patrick O’Hearn to lead the virtual networking experience. They led conversations about 2020’s pain points and the technologies that helped the industry stay afloat during COVID-19. Our panelists broke down the strategic decisions that managers made to successfully implement new tech without overwhelming their operation or employees. As we explored what life might look like post-pandemic, 170 customers shared how smart home technology, virtual showings, and other digital tools improved renters’ experiences and offered new revenue opportunities for property managers.

To replicate the experience of in-person events, participants were placed in a Zoom breakout room after every panel-led discussion. In this smaller setting, participants could connect and discuss the topics in more detail with other peers, technology providers, and Rent Manager employees. At the end of the afternoon, all participants were encouraged to attend a ‘virtual trade show’ where they could meet with 51 of Rent Manager’s integrated providers to learn about their services, network, and win prizes.

If you couldn’t make it to TechConnect, check out our recap video to see what we discussed:

To learn more about the array of Rent Manager features and functions, be sure to log into your Rent Manager University account and sign up for weekly training courses and emails. If you are interested in future networking opportunities and Rent Manager events, consider joining us at the 2021 Rent Manager User Conference!

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