Rent Manager Express Delivers More Accessibility and Flexibility

June 3, 2024


Vanessa Perry

Rent Manager Express is the latest access option available for Rent Manager® property management software

London Computer Systems (LCS), developer of Rent Manager® property management software and other business-critical technologies, has completed the rollout of its browser-based program, Rent Manager Express, to all users. This latest solution combines all the classic features of the company’s core program—Rent Manager 12—into a sleek, flexible system that customers can access anywhere.

The Advantages of Rent Manager Express

Rich, intuitive features within Rent Manager Express enable property management professionals to streamline their processes and enhance the efficiency of their day-to-day operations. Because the program is browser-based, it delivers expanded personalization and customization options, including the ability to open pages in new tabs, bookmark pages to their browser, resize pages, create multiple windows, and more.

Additionally, users can capitalize on a wide variety of features and tools only available in the system, including Bank Sync, an automated electronic bank reconciliation solution, and Maintenance Scheduling, which allows coordinators to create workflows to effectively manage their maintenance technicians’ schedules.

Featuring a modern interface and instinctive, easy-to-use functionality, Rent Manager Express also works seamlessly with Rent Manager 12, enabling users to manage their data from either version of the program.

Property Management, Managed.

Rent Manager Express provides complete accounting and reporting resources; intuitive marketing and mobile tools; comprehensive maintenance and property management capabilities; in addition to an ever-growing network of integrated technology providers. This comprehensive software delivers advanced, customizable solutions to handle the complex operational needs of management companies in every industry vertical—from multifamily apartments and single-family homes, to manufactured housing communities, commercial real estate portfolios, and more.

About LCS

Incorporated in 1987 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, London Computer Systems (LCS) develops business-critical software used in all 50 states and diverse global markets. LCS products include Rent Manager® property management software, rmVoIP telephone systems, and qManage service desk software.

The company’s Professional Services team also delivers complete website design and development resources, and its LCS IT Services division provides comprehensive IT systems management solutions. Supporting more than 10,000 property management companies in every industry vertical, LCS combines the best technologies with best practices to create unique, affordable, customer-focused products and services.

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