Property Management Gone Mobile

August 20, 2015


Rent Manager

We live in a unique time when just about any problem can be solved by saying, “there’s an app for that!” It’s true, mobile applications have become the virtual Swiss Army Knife of today’s society-providing incredible utility, convenience, and versatility.


Thankfully, property management companies haven’t been left out in the cold without a hatchet. They’re better equipped than ever with the ability to get real work done, even outside the office. If you’re not taking advantage of the time-saving mobile apps Rent Manager has created to make your job easier, you might as well be chopping wood with a butter knife.

Here’s how Rent Manager Online utilizes the smart devices you carry every day to save you time, headaches, and extra effort.

Scenario 1: Say you’re looking to update photos on a few of your available units. With rmCapture, Rent Manager’s picture-taking application, you can snap photos of the new appliances, the large open spaces, and the outside landscaping around the building, then place them right into your software. Since your website is integrated with Rent Manager, the photos automatically update on your site, making sure your units are marketed with the most up-to-date information.


Scenario 2: Maybe you run into a tenant at the coffee shop while you’re looking over some reports. If the resident would like to pay rent, right there in the middle of the Starbucks line, they can! You can use rmPayment to accept their payment anywhere by entering them manually or with the swipe of any card reader. The app immediately approves or declines payments so you never have to worry about whether a transaction went through.

Scenario 3: Your leasing team arrives onsite for the day, and tries to track down which units need to be inspected. Instead of fussing with sticky notes on a white board, your agents log onto rmInspection and view the easily accessible forum that manages inspections for the day. The specified areas in need of inspection have already been created within the template, so your staff will never miss an item. The app gives your employees the ability to flag areas that need attention, take pictures, document the appearance of each unit, and create detailed inspection reports.


Scenario 4: During an inspection, your agent finds an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. Instead of returning back to the office with the hope that you’re right at your desk, they can use rmService to create the service issue while at the unit. You can then assign the service issue to your preferred vendor and sit back as they complete the maintenance request, resolve the ticket from their device, and see the updated information in your Rent Manager Online database.

These are just four examples of what going mobile can do for you. Make sure you’re equipped with the best tools available, and enjoy the hours saved with Rent Manager.

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