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Rent Manager® property management software is available as a cloud-based or standalone system.

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Rent Manager

Rent Manager Online (RMO) lets you access your real-time database on any computer that has an Internet connection. Hosted on state-of-the-art servers in our cutting-edge data center, RMO provides all of Rent Manager’s standalone functionality plus additional features that are only available to online users—including Web Portal Suite, mobile apps, Report Automation, and more. Live technical support, automatic updates, and data backups are also included in RMO at no additional cost.

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Rent Manager Online

Rent Manager Online - Professional Edition

Get instant access to your data—from any computer, anytime, anywhere—with Rent Manager Online.

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Rent Manager Standalone

The standalone version of Rent Manager is an independently-operated software system. This format of the program is installed directly onto your home or office computer, and does not require a network connection to interact with your data. With Standalone, you have access to all of Rent Manager’s core features, as well as a few additional options to meet the needs of your business. Based on your company’s size and portfolio, Rent Manager Standalone has two Enterprise purchase options—per unit and unlimited editions:

Enterprise - Per Unit Edition

Rent Manager Standalone - Enterprise - Per Unit Edition

Designed for companies with anywhere from 25 to 200 units, Rent Manager Enterprise - Per Unit Edition allows you to purchase the quantity of rental units you need with the ability to add more if necessary.

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Enterprise - Unlimited Edition

Rent Manager Standalone - Enterprise - Unlimited Edition

Optimized for large-portfolio companies that require multiple-user access to the program on a Local Area Network (LAN), Rent Manager Enterprise - Unlimited Edition is a perfect fit for major operations that have their own IT/data-backup services.

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Rent Manager Standalone Editions vs. Rent Manager Online

Core Functionality Rent Manager Standalone Rent Manager Online
Residential and commercial property management
Double-entry accounting system
Work-order management system
Customer relationship management (CRM) database
Prospect- and lease-management tools
More than 250 built-in reports, with drill-down capabilities
Available Features*
Bird’s Eye View: Build aerial-view, pictorial maps of your properties and associated units
Loan Manager: Track thousands of owner-financed loans in Rent Manager
Report Writer: Customize feature-rich reports—fast!
CAM & Reconciliation: Calculate, distribute, and reconcile charges associated with your commercial properties
Metered Utilities: A single system for tracking utility billing information
Web Portal Suite: Online management tools for residents and owners
MobileRM: Mobile access to the program from web-enabled devices
Web Developer Suite: Online applications and unit availability
Report Automation: Schedule and email report batches automatically
API: Allows read and write access to your Rent Manager database
Trulia & Zillow integration
Mobile apps for inspections, service issues, payments, and picture uploads
Data Protection
Includes software updates and technical support
Snapshot backups are created multiple times a day
Fault-tolerant platform with automatic and instant data replication

*Additional fees may apply