Presenting rmService…

March 24, 2014


Erin Hooper

Rent Manager on Laptop

rmService, the latest addition to rmAppSuite, is destined to become your maintenance team’s favorite mobile app. In fact, your entire staff will love it when they see how it can revolutionize your company’s workflow management capabilities.

A comprehensive work order administration resource, rmService allows employees and vendors to handle service issues from any iOS 7 or later device. Fully integrated with Rent Manager Online (RMO), rmService can be used to:

  • rmService screenshotReceive and add new service issues
  • Resolve and close service issues
  • View complete work order details, with or without an Internet connection
  • Add/edit/delete notes, links, and user defined fields, including photos
  • View photos in notes or user defined fields
  • Track and modify parts and labor
  • Assign service issues to specific users or contractors

Because rmService downloads and stores each user’s assigned service issues, your maintenance team can work with their lists whether they’re online or offline. And when they are connected to the Internet, rmService automatically syncs with RMO,
allowing for instant updates and real-time productivity.

Transform your company’s workflow management capabilities today. Download rmAppSuite for free from the iTunes App Store! For details on pricing, contact your sales representative.

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