Outstanding Activities for October

September 15, 2014


Kelsie Foster

kids crafting

With Universal Children’s Week and Halloween in the month of October, it’s no surprise that we’ve dedicated these resident activities to the kids! Get the little ones involved by hosting a few events and activities at your property this month!


Costume Swap Party

There are many reasons why hosting a costume swap party for your residents is a great idea. For one, most people don’t want to spend the money on a new Halloween costume every year. Your adult tenants will be thanking you for saving them money and storage space. Two, residents can engage and interact over snacks and drinks, and
create an engaged community at your property. And three, swapping old costumes can result in some left over, and give you an opportunity to give back. You can donate these costumes to local charities in your area, such as a shelter, foster home, or thrift store. But this swap party doesn’t have to be just for the kids! Encourage your adult residents to get in on the fun as well. Have everyone bring their old get-ups to your leasing office or clubhouse, and watch the fun and excitement ensue for this Halloween season!


Host a Book Exchange

October isn’t just known for Halloween. October is also all about the books, being dubbed National Book Month, including Great Books Week Oct. 5-10. We suggest holding a community book exchange, so everyone can have the gift of a good read. You can also chose to act as librarian, and as people bring books to you, label the book’s owner just as a library would, and give those books to other residents to enjoy. You can also donate unwanted books to local schools or libraries for others to enjoy.


Haunted Halloween House

Halloween is a night of cobwebs, creatures, and candy. So why not give the kids what they want this year? A haunted house is a perfect way to combine all the things that make Halloween great. Transform your clubhouse or common area into a spook-filled fun house, chock-full of all things frightening. You can get your staff involved by dressing them up and making them part of the fun. Give the kiddos an incentive for making it through the haunted house, such as candy, caramel apples, or even a small gift. Make it more than just a night of trick-or-treating, give them a night to remember, and have your residents raving about it for months!


Crazy Crafty Kids

What kid doesn’t love arts & crafts? And what better day to throw a craft party than on October 22nd, National Color Day? Set up an organized arts and crafts party in your common area, or outside if possible (crafting tends to get a little messy!). Set up stations that can accommodate all ages, and maybe even spice up your clubhouse with pops of color.

We’ve listed some ideas for crafty stations to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Paper doll station
  • Bead station for necklaces or bracelets
  • Canvas painting
  • Mask decorating (Halloween themed maybe?)
  • T-shirt tie die
  • Sand art
  • Ceramic painting

Children are the Sweetest!
October 18th is Sweetest Day, and kids want to feel special and loved, just as the adults do! Let your young residents know you appreciate them by giving them a little gift to enjoy, while the adults are out on the town. A suggestion may be a small bundle of sweet tarts, with an attached note saying, Hope you have the SWEETEST day!

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