On Tour with Rent Manager – Trade Show Tour 2018

July 11, 2018


Rent Manager

NAA Team Pic NAA trade show

Spring is an eventful season for the Rent Manager staff. During this time, we travel across the country for industry conferences and trade show appearances. Plans for this time of year began last November, almost as soon as the team returned from the 2017 Rent Manager User Conference, with budget planning, event scheduling, travel booking, and booth brainstorming taking center stage. Our goal was to make a big splash across the country in 2018.

With that target in mind, our planning team assembled an impressive list of destinations and a revamped roadmap for the spring trade show season. Rent Manager would be represented at events both new and remembered. But, the overarching objective was to put the software in front of as many property management professionals as possible.

We started the year off at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show in January and the season didn’t slow down until the spring finale: the National Apartment Association’s annual Apartmentalize conference. Take a look at some of the places we’ve been and who we’ve hosted at our headquarters:

rm Trade Show Tour 2018 Map

As we wrapped up Spring Trade Show Season, we prepared for the largest multifamily event of the year: Apartmentalize. With an entirely new and improved booth set-up and a full schedule of committee meetings, client and prospect get-togethers, social events, educational sessions, and lots of booth time, we set our sights on making the most of every possible moment of 2018’s Apartmentalize.

new trade show booth

Reimagined Trade Show Experience

Sometimes it’s good to take a quick step back and look at your booth from the aisles. For the 2018 Apartmentalize conference, the decision was made to completely redesign our trade show booth display. This new, high-impact design came together to help draw significantly more attention to our booth over previous years. We didn’t stop there!

We upped our giveaway game at the start of the trade show season, adding a variety of high-tech prizes and culminating with our biggest prize at Apartmentalize: a smart home bundle to be given away to one lucky booth-visitor (congratulations again to our winner, Amanda from BSC Holdings). Additionally, we doubled down on staff presence this year. Employees from a cross-departmental team of representatives attended to interact with the thousands of passers-by, connect with current customers, and demonstrate Rent Manager’s advanced capabilities to inquiring prospects!

Apartmentalize trade show team

More Sessions

When you attend an educational conference, you really should take advantage of the opportunities to learn the latest news, best practices, and innovative ideas, right? Right! So, the Apartmentalize team filled their week with lots of learning, from the latest payment methods residents are asking for, to the smart home amenities highest on everyone’s radar, or the hottest marketing trends for our industry. There’s never a shortage of expert advice to be had at an event like Apartmentalize. Therefore, we made a point to capitalize on the opportunities as much as possible.

NAA Committees

Two Rent Manager employees, Business Development Manager, Abbie Huffman, and Channel Partner Manager, Patrick O’Hearn, are actively involved in NAA committees both locally and nationally. They help shape the way the NAA maneuvers around topics such as preparing the next generation of multifamily leadership, or discussing how to leverage technologies to best benefit property managers and tenants alike. Stay tuned for updates on these endeavors and follow along with the impact of these groups in the coming year!

Abbie Huffman NAA Excellence Award

NAA Excellence Awards

The team wrapped up their week in San Diego in VIP style at the annual NAA Excellence Awards ceremony. There, Rent Manager’s Abbie Huffman was presented with the National Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) of the Year Award. Abbie’s dedication to the property management industry and its associations is second-to-none. We are very proud of her efforts and the inspiring results they realize within the NAA and beyond.

It’s the amazing face-to-face interaction that we experience at in-person industry events like these that drive the continual growth and development of the Rent Manager platform. Hearing from our customers, meeting new faces, solving everyday operational headaches, and enabling our users to reach their own goals make the long flights, late nights, and tired feet completely worthwhile.

As we reflect on another whirlwind trade show season, we turn our attention to the 2018 Rent Manager User Conference. This event will be here before we know it! We’ve set our sights on making this year’s event in Amelia Island the biggest and best RMUC to date. Most importantly, we’re aiming to deliver a premiere educational event. Take a look at everything we have in store for RMUC.18 with a visit to Conference.RentManager.com.

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