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January 20, 2021


Rent Manager

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New year, new opportunities for innovation and success! You persevered through a tumultuous 2020 and emerged ready to turn challenges into triumphs during this next chapter. After you get your bearings in this new year, it’s time to reevaluate your portfolio and explore fresh avenues of operation. The Rent Manager team has released a multitude of new features and enhancements that are intricately designed to improve the user experience, streamline everyday tasks, and ultimately, make your life easier. Get to know some of the releases that you may have missed and use these enhancements to customize the software to your exact needs.


Lease Renewal Offers Revamped

When a resident’s lease is nearing expiration, communication is imperative. Once your resident decides to renew their lease, vacate the unit, or pursue a month-to-month agreement, you need to record that information in Rent Manager. We have significantly streamlined this process with a new workflow that helps you manage expiring leases, publish renewal forms for your residents, and handle rent escalations and other recurring charge adjustments associated with each signed renewal—all from one user-friendly module.

In the updated Lease Renewal Offer module, Rent Manager will scan your database for leases on the cusp of expiration by property. After they’re identified, your team can generate renewal offer letters and send them to eligible residents directly from the program. Residents can then easily respond, and sign the renewal from their Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal.

This revamped resource does the heavy lifting for you and helps automate the leasing process.

Create Polls for Residents to Take Via TWA

One of our favorite new features allows you to digitally connect with your residents and gain insightful feedback from them. Residents can now respond to custom, online polls from their TWA portal. Through polls, you can gather responses on virtually anything—whether that be the kind of community events residents like best, or which equipment they’d like to see added to the community gym. You can format your questions to offer multiple choices, solicit write-in responses, and more. After your residents have completed the poll, you can view and save their responses. Homeowners Associations’ (HOAs) board members find this feature particularly helpful when seeking feedback from HOA members before making major community decisions.

This kind of approachable, no-pressure feedback is an invaluable communication tool for renters. Rent Manager’s polls feature enables you to better understand your residents’ wants and needs, increasing resident retention.

Establish Automated Notifications for Every Person in an Account Group

It’s understandable that your tenants want updates on their submitted work orders. Rent Manager’s enhanced Automated Notifications feature allows every resident in an account group or any specific contacts on an account to receive an automatically generated text or email notification anytime a Service Issue that’s assigned to their unit is open, in progress, or closed. These handy notifications will help reduce the number of update inquiries you receive from secondary contacts.

Make Ready Process Enhancements

Turning units is often costly and incredibly time-consuming. Preparing units for new occupancy requires an all-hands-on-deck approach and task-focused organization. Rent Manager’s Make Ready Process tools ensure your team is not overextending themselves every time they turn a unit. This feature helps prepare vacant units for occupancy and gives an up-to-date visual representation of the unit-turnover process.

The Make Ready Board, Actions, and Templates all received significant usability upgrades. You can now filter the Make Ready Board by property, jump to the associated unit through hyperlinked text, mark Make Ready processes as high-priority, add Make Ready items from project templates, and so much more.

This is just a glance at a few new features. To learn more, check out these courses and learning paths in Rent Manager University.

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