March Madness Brings Meaningful Conference Connections

March 14, 2022


Rent Manager

march madness bracket on paper

It’s March, which means it’s time for our seventh annual Rent Manager Madness Bracket Challenge. Each year for the past seven years, Rent Manager has hosted a customer March Madness Challenge. Besides encouraging some friendly competition, our users compete for one free registration to the Rent Manager User Conference (RMUC)—which is taking place in Orlando, Florida this year!* Since its start in 2015, this eagerly anticipated event awarded free RMUC registrations to five winners. We recently caught up with one of these savvy bracket gurus to learn more about her experience.

Ginger Snook of Lane Properties was our 2017 champion. Having enjoyed submitting brackets in the past, actually winning came as a big surprise. “I enjoy filling out my brackets every year but actually winning was amazing,” said Ginger.

 Creating Connections

Ginger’s win also meant that for the first time, she would be able to attend the Rent Manager User Conference.

“If I hadn’t won the bracket and the free conference registration, I could not have attended.” 

The RMUC is a four-day, one-of-a-kind event where customers have an opportunity to connect with like-minded property management professionals, attend specially prepared Rent Manager training sessions, engage with some of the industry’s most-pioneering tech providers, and gain crucial tools to enhance their businesses. “We are a small business and cannot attend very often,” added Ginger. “The in-person sessions are always so incredibly helpful. You meet other people who you can interact with and brush up on skills in order to keep up-to-date with all the new Rent Manager features.”

Winning the conference registration allowed Ginger to connect with more than just other industry experts; the Tucson-based conference enabled her to see far-away family members. “My aunt lives in Phoenix and we were able to fly my mother in to stay with her while my daughter and I were at the conference. It was bittersweet, as my mother died in December, so she was able to see family.” 

March Madness Bracket Participation

With the annual March Madness brackets opening up, Ginger and many other Rent Manager customers are getting ready to fill out their 2022 brackets. Her advice to this year’s bracket contestants? “The bracket is just another fun way to be a part of the Rent Manager group, and I highly recommend just submitting yours! Who knows, you might just win like I did!”

If you are a Rent Manager customer who’s interested in participating in the March Madness Bracket Challenge, fill out your form by clicking here. To win, you must be easily identifiable by your bracket, so please name your bracket with your first and last name. Only one submission per customer will be accepted.

*Prize covers the registration fee for the 2022 Rent Manager User Conference in Orlando, Florida. It does not include hotel/airfare fees.

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