LCS at Waterstone Boulevard – building for the future

July 11, 2016


Kelsie Foster

Rent Manager on Laptop

LCS has long been a company that prides itself on each year’s successes and accomplishments, and 2016 will certainly be remembered as a big year for us. With our ever-growing customer and employee base, we have once again outgrown our physical limits.

In July, the employees of LCS said goodbye to their former professional home on Cottonwood Drive in Loveland, Ohio, and said hello to a brand new headquarters on Waterstone Boulevard in Cincinnati. The relocation marks the sixth facility that LCS has inhabited in its three-decade history.

This 78,000-square-foot building will house our staff of nearly 200 employees, with the expectation of welcoming many more in the future. When designing the building, the intention was to create a modern, high-tech atmosphere that makes an impression as soon as you walk through the front door.

To help accomplish this, the architects and design team incorporated details like a nine-monitor, high-definition video display in the lobby that will welcome guests to the facility and share current company news and updates. Numerous other features, including the three-story atrium, dedicated Huddle and Design rooms, and expanded data center, help reflect our technological enterprise throughout the building.

Principal/Owner of Wentz Design, Mike Wentz, and his team were passionate in providing LCS a breathtaking space. “It features open, creative spaces and soaring ceilings with an abundance of light,” Wentz said. “The building utilizes stone, metal panels, and lots of glass combined in a warm, west coast, high-tech style which will set the tone for LCS’ growth into the future.”

The facility delivers countless striking, sensible amenities. For example, the breakroom is five-times larger than our previous space, with plenty of seating available inside and out on the patio. From either vantage point, employees can enjoy the beautiful waterfront views that the property provides.

When team members need to step away from their desks to get a new perspective on projects, a variety of new spaces are available for them to use. Design Rooms, Huddle Rooms, and Inspiration Rooms are located throughout the building and are perfect for quick meetings, quiet brainstorms, and the development of revolutionary software technologies.

Designed and equipped by the dedicated members of our Wellness Team, the company’s first-ever Fitness Center is an on-site resource that will help our employees meet their health goals in a supportive, hassle-free environment. The location’s picturesque walking trail offers another way for our crew to improve their fitness while getting a breath of fresh air.

LCS President Dave Hegemann expressed the goal of the facility “Was to create a high-tech atmosphere that reflects the work we do every day,” he said. “By incorporating bright accent walls, an open floor plan, and plenty of natural light, we worked to eliminate the standard boxy office feel and create a place where our employees will enjoy coming to work.”

As the company continues to add specialized talent to the staff, the aim of the new campus on Waterstone is to promote growth, while nurturing the culture that has been the company’s foundation for the past 30 years.

LCS has come so far thanks to the dedication of its employees, the loyalty of its customers, and its positive culture. The new facility is not only a reflection on its past successes, but it’s a vision for the future.

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