Keeping Your Staff in Mind

April 13, 2016


Rent Manager

planner and coffee

The busiest leasing months are fast-approaching, which means now is a great time to consider your staff’s growing needs and plan accordingly. Soon, leasing consultants will be busy with more daily showings, lease signings, and renewals, keeping them constantly on-the-go. More move-in’s also means your maintenance staff will be working furiously to complete the make-ready process for the next batch of renters this spring.

As the owner, lead agent, supervisor, or mindful co-worker, there are a few things you can do to motivate the team at your property. Consider these simple pick-me-ups to keep everyone in good spirits.

  1. Start by recognizing their busy schedules

Employees feel more engaged in their jobs when their work is recognized. Let your staff know you’re aware of the sudden surge of office to-dos. Just before the busy season is a great time to hold a staff meeting to address any procedural changes that might occur over the next few weeks. This is also a good opportunity for a pre-hustle pep rally. Kick off the spring months with high energy to keep the group motivated to reach your community goals.

  1. Create visual goal markers

It’s easier to stay motivated when you can literally keep your eye on the prize. With an influx of new lease agreements, your staff will likely be hitting higher numbers. Make your team’s success visible by displaying a sales chart in the office. Just set aside a space on a common wall to showcase new signed leases and renewals. You can encourage your team even more by adding some friendly competition and incentives for the highest-achieving staff member. Check out how this community motivates their staff with a unique jar system.

  1. Keep the coffee flowing

Everybody loves free food and coffee. So throughout the next few weeks, keep your coffee pots fresh and your snack baskets stocked. If you don’t regularly provide food for those working in the office, now might be a good time to start. You don’t have to commit to a year-round regimen of free lunches and treats, but offering quick, easy-to-grab bites to eat can make a huge impact on your team’s energy level.

Taking these few extra steps to make sure your property is prepared to make it through the leasing season will be well worth the effort when your occupancy rate reaches an all-time high. Get proactive and watch as your team hustles together to make the most out of the upcoming weeks.

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