Introducing: Rent Manager University

June 29, 2016


Rent Manager

Rent Manager University

RMUniversity_c3-09Rent Manager is thrilled to share with you our newest, most intuitive training experience yet.

We’ve always been passionate about educating our customers on the best practices and unique functionality of our property management software. And that’s why we are introducing our newest training platform, Rent Manager University (RMU).

Every single Rent Manager customer will be able to experience the vast training options with RMU, as your first account is FREE.

RMU is an all-inclusive and continuously expanding training portal, jam-packed with many courses, instructional videos, and guided self-learning opportunities. All conveniently packaged behind one login, this robust training platform is the same program we use internally to train our new hires on the software (that’s some insider treatment, if we do say so ourselves).

Inside RMU you’re exposed to an entire catalog of Rent Manager 12 training courses, ranging from basic portfolio setup to specifics on how to file your 1099s during tax season. Along the way, you’ll take various assessments to ensure you’re not just hearing the information, but fully grasping the concepts. We’re also regularly adding new material to RMU so your opportunities to learn are virtually endless.

As far as our first impressions with the new training platform, RMU has completely turned our internal onboarding on its head, in the best of ways. New hires are benefitting from the program, as we’re able to log all of our users’ scores and progress along  the way. This is possible with our paid version of the program, RMU Plus. With this upgrade, everything is saved under each unique login, showing clear record of how much time has been spent on the learning modules and their associated assessment scores.

Imagine the possibilities, then, of utilizing RMU to train your next leasing consultant or property manager. With the added ability to include custom training that’s specific to your company with RMU Plus, you can bundle all of your onboarding materials into one RMU educational experience. Your leasing reps, property managers, and service team members will be completely Rent Manager-certified in no time.

What good is your property management software if your team doesn’t know how to use it? RMU was designed to make sure you never have to ponder that question.


Discover all the ways Rent Manager University can benefit your business. Contact your Sales Representative today at 800-669-0871.

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