Improving the Residential Experience With Amenities

March 31, 2022


Rent Manager

Smart Lock Opening Door

Offering desirable apartment amenities can be the difference between a prospect signing a lease or walking away altogether. While conveniences and upgrades are a powerful selling point, it’s important to ensure your amenity package meets the needs and wants of your community. The Rent Manager Integrations Program includes several companies whose amenity-focused services improve the resident experience and streamline property management tasks.

Top Rent Manager Solutions for Amenities

Smart Home Technology

Renters are spending more time at home, and as a result, their preferences around amenities have shifted to focus on smart technologies the can be controlled from the palm on their hand. The following technology solutions offer services that fully integrate with Rent Manager while meeting tenants where they are: on their phones.

  • Brivo offers residents a mobile lifestyle experience with smart automation, energy efficiency, foundational security, and seamless property access. Renters can open doors, control smart apartment features, and much more, all from their phones.
  • ButterflyMX provides secure, convenient, and affordable property access, all from a resident’s smartphone. Tenants can manage access to their front door from anywhere in the world with video-calling features, create and send virtual keys, and unlock delivery PINs to allow entry to one-time visitors—like cleaners or dog walkers—even when no one is home.
  • PointCentral delivers smart tools, including connected intercom, keyless locks, and smart home devices that empower residents to manage their households the way they want.

Package Management

Online shopping continues to generate thousands of packages for your community each year. As excited as everyone is to get their shipments, managing all those packages can create a headache for property managers and residents alike. Enter Parcel Pending and Notifii—integrated service providers whose streamlined solutions make everyone’s package delivery experience a little easier.

  • Parcel Pending simplifies package management with secure, electronic self-service lockers.
  • Notifii modernizes package management by automatically notifying residents when they have an item that’s ready for pickup.

A Better Credit Score

Allowing renters to build their credit scores by reporting their on-time rent payments to major credit bureaus not only benefits your residents, but also acts as powerful tool to increase punctual payments and reduce delinquencies. You can attract ideal renters to your community while empowering them to enhance their credit histories every month.

  • RentTrack allows residents to pay online and report their rent payments to all three major credit bureaus.
  • Sperlonga automatically pulls credit reports each month, while their team of customer service specialists handle any disputes or inquires from renters.

One key to attracting and retaining residents will always be offering services and facilities that meet renters’ wants and needs. While trends regarding amenities will change, smart home solutions, package-management tools, and credit-building opportunities will be sought-after deliverables for years to come. To see what else our vast integrated provider network can offer your operation, be sure to check out the Rent Manager Integrations Program page on our website.

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