#ICYMI – The Run-Down on Rent Manager Releases from Late 2017

February 16, 2018


Rent Manager

In Case You Missed It - New Releases


Just as your business evolves and grows, so does Rent Manager. For three decades, we’ve been continually developing new features and functions to give you all the tools you need to run your business successfully. Throughout the year, new releases are rolled out with our regular software updates, designed to make your work lives easier and more efficient. The best part? Many of these releases are a direct result of your amazing feedback and suggested adjustments to Rent Manager that enhance and advance your daily operations.

At the 2017 Rent Manager User Conference, President and CEO, Dave Hegemann, announced a number of new features that were met with excitement and much applause. Here’s a review of some of the most popular features announced at RMUC.17, all of which have been rolled out to the software.

November 15, 2017 – Release 12.270

  1. Automated Notifications
    Keep your staff updated and in-the-know with Rent Manager’s new automated notifications. Perhaps you sent a prospect a lease agreement five days ago, but they haven’t yet signed the document! Rent Manager can automatically send an email or text message to your leasing agent to remind them to check in. Automatically schedule notifications and follow-up messages to remind your tenant to log into their TWA account to review and sign the renewal lease you’ve uploaded before your offer expires, and keep your agent informed with automatic reminders, so they can check in as well. Send your maintenance technician an email, text, or both to let them know that a new service issue has been created and assigned to them. With a growing number of notification options and instances, and scripting built in to the messaging, automated notifications can truly save you hours of time and hassle, while keeping you in-the-know and your office processes always progressing.
  2. My Feed Internet Listing Service Updates
    Marketing your units to ILS websites is vital to the success of your business. With Rent Manager’s My Feed, now you have more control over where your listings show up and when updates go live. With this resource, you can now manage all of your properties independently and list on any ILS site* that you choose, ensuring that you publicize your availabilities to the right audiences with the best-possible information. Need to edit photos on a newly available unit in the middle of the day? Don’t wait for Rent Manager to push the update to your listing and lose valuable time on the market! Hit “Refresh My Feed” and Rent Manager will send your new listing straight to the ILS site(s) of your choice to attract that next new tenant! Monitor the status of your imports and posts from within Rent Manager so you always know that you’re putting your best face forward.
  3. New rmVoIP Reporting Features
    Analyze your office’s daily call volume using our rmVoIP integration, how much time your employees are spending on the phone per call, who’s calling you most often, and how long do their calls last? There’s so much that your phone traffic can tell you about your office’s daily tasks and procedures, and now you can check this essential data in Rent Manager!
  4. Enhanced AmRent Screening Options
    You screen prospects and put decision policies in place for a reason – to maintain the safety and wellbeing of your residents and your property. With this updated feature, you can now require that a prospect has passed your specific screening criteria before your employees can convert that prospect into a tenant in Rent Manager. You’ve already got the screening policy in place; this resource simply makes it easier for you to enforce it consistently!
  5. Google Cloud Settings
    You asked, and we listened! With so many Rent Manager users working on Chromebooks, and utilizing Google Drive for saving, sharing, and printing documents, we made it easier for you to utilize that Cloud functionality from within your Rent Manager database. Users can link their Google Drive accounts to their Rent Manager user profiles in order to upload, save, or print documents via their Google account and settings.

Check out Rent Manager University for the “ICYMI – Releases Q4 2017” webinar to learn more or brush up on the latest updates. Have you been using some of the new functionalities? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!!

*Your customized My Feed link can be used to update your listings on the ILS feeds you subscribe to that are not already included in the Rent Manager Marketing Tab. Service depends on ILS sites’ ability to pull the data.

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