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November 28, 2018


Rent Manager

Rent Manager User Conference 2018

Here at Rent Manager, we take education seriously. With a platform this robust, it’s essential to make sure every employee using the program is well-versed in its many features and functions. Whether you need to contact our award-winning product support team, log into Rent Manager University, or attend our annual user conference, you’ve got options galore to get your staff up to speed on all-things-Rent-Manager!

Our Training department works diligently year-round to develop compelling content that will help you and your employees make the most of Rent Manager in your daily operations. We offer weekly webinars, bi-weekly Tech Tuesday partner spotlights, and Virtual Classrooms that dig into important topics and provide one-on-one follow-up for full comprehension. It’s an ongoing effort to keep you supplied with new and engaging educational materials. But the team’s favorite project—by far—is planning for the Rent Manager User Conference. Take a look as we dig into how the educational aspect of the conference comes together and get a sneak peak at what was covered at RMUC.18.

  1. The Speakers

Picture this: your company’s President & CEO, and two Directors are sitting at a long table, waiting for you to begin a presentation. It’s like going into a job interview and trying out for a spot on The Voice all at once—but it’s one of the year’s most highly anticipated happenings at LCS. What’s being described here is the RMUC presenter try-out process—and it really is an audition to vet the potential lineup of internal Rent Manager experts who will attend, and the topics they’ll cover.

Every February, LCS employees are given the opportunity to put together a 10-minute presentation that includes the demonstration of a Rent Manager feature. If chosen, they’ll be assigned one or two sessions (or seven of them, if you’re Chris Griesinger!) and will have the next seven months to fully develop the class and its complementary visuals, handouts, and worksheets. The pledge to present is a commitment to create the entire session and supporting materials by July, when walkthroughs begin. Each presenter goes through at least two walkthroughs—observed by the previously mentioned selection panel—to perfect and finalize the definitive presentation before the RMUC. It’s an intense process, but a rewarding one, and it’s something that employees look forward to every year.

The conference selection panel—which includes David Hegemann, President & CEO of LCS; Brittany Christerson, Conference Coordinator and Director of Sales & Marketing; and Chris Griesinger, Director of Implementation & Training—carefully considers every audition to create a week-long lineup of sessions that will help every Rent Manager user who attends: newbie to lifer, leasing agent to accountant, and everyone in between. The feedback we receive on individual sessions each year helps guide this curation process, as do industry trends, and of course, Rent Manager feature updates. Every year the topics evolve to include the latest and greatest to ensure that no two RMUCs are exactly alike.

And, because there’s more to property management than how you use your software, our conference committee includes a selection of courses that cover a variety of concepts that go well beyond Rent Manager. We send out a call for presenters in the spring to collect proposals from experts across the country, and from every angle of the industry, to round out our comprehensive schedule. We’ve had speakers representing every property management vertical and a variety roles present at the RMUC, providing a well-rounded course offering each year.

  1. The Sessions

The very first Rent Manager User Conference, held in 2007 at the Belterra Casino and Resort—not too far from our Cincinnati headquarters—hosted around 200 people for roughly 25 sessions—and it was an instant hit. The peer-to-peer networking alone made the time together more than worth the trip, but it was the extra instruction in Rent Manager that proved to be invaluable for those in attendance. Eleven years later, and RMUC.18 hosted nearly 800 guests and served up roughly 70 education sessions, as well as a full day of Rent Manager Bootcamp. Attendees could choose from sessions based on their role, industry, or experience level to tailor their time at RMUC.18 to fit their unique needs.

With courses like “Becoming a More Engaging Speaker” and “How to Create a Killer Culture,” attendees learned tips and tricks to running their operations outside of the program. They gleaned insights for managing employees and perfecting presentation skills to help land that next big prospect. Jumping to courses like “Small Office, Big Productivity,” “Self-Help 101,” or “Permission Management Lockdown,” attendees were shown ways to maximize Rent Manager to optimize their operational performance. But don’t take it from us…

“I can see attending this conference every year. It provides great insight; not only to learn about new functionality of the system, but to learn about current functionality that we aren’t using.”

“I had a wonderful time and learned a ton of new information to take back to my office. I am excited to apply the skills I have learned and for that I am thankful. I left conference feeling like I could run the industry using only one program! Thank You!”

  1. The Future

Each year, LCS President and CEO, Dave Hegemann, takes the stage for the RMUC Keynote Presentation. It’s a highly-anticipated session, with a state-of-the-union-style overview of the previous 12 months and an insider’s look at what will be showcased in sessions throughout the week and what’s on the horizon in the world of Rent Manager. New features and updates to the platform are announced at the keynote, giving attendees a glimpse of what our developers have been hard at work perfecting for them in the platform.
Here is a sneak peek at some of the new features heading your way in the next 12 months:

  • System Wide Filters
  • Guest Cards
  • Issue Checklist
  • Depreciation Module
  • Violations
  • Rent Manager Express (Web Version)
  • And More!

Keep an eye on our regular Rent Manager Release Notes emails for updates on what is included in each new release, and keep up with how to utilize the new features and functions by logging into your Rent Manager University account or signing up for weekly training courses.

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