How to Provide 24/7 Service Without a 24/7 Staff

November 18, 2020


Rent Manager

alarm clock on desk, implying you cannot manually provide 24/7 service

In uncertain times, residents rely on you to provide transparent communications and friendly customer service when they have questions or issues with your housing. But, having staff onsite for 24/7 service can be an expensive and unrealistic option for many businesses. So, we have compiled the following ways you help your residents, even when you can’t physically be there.

24/7 Customer Success by Phone

Ensure any caller can reach your business, any time, by using an automated phone system. Tools like rmVoIP are set up based on your business’s needs. If a call comes through when no one is in the office, you can program the call to forward to your cell phone or a group of multiple numbers at once, to ensure someone will answer the call. Since rmVoIP is fully integrated with Rent Manager, you can also easily link unknown numbers with existing prospects or customers. Alternatively, you can simply create a new account for the new caller. These simple steps keep the contacts in your database organized and up to date.

Phone systems like rmVoIP also offer recorded call features that help prevent the headaches and tension that arise from miscommunications. Following your state’s phone-call-recording laws, automatically attach a copy of each conversation to the contact’s History Notes and eliminate potential, “he said/she said” situations between residents and staff. Plus, by reviewing recorded calls, you can make sure your team is providing correct and clear information and delivering quality customer service.

Get Social

Be prepared for residents to reach out via social media when they have a question. Assign someone to monitor your social media pages for queries or messages. Passively monitor your accounts by setting up alerts. This ensures that you get notifications when someone sends a direct message or tags your property. Take the burden off your staff by creating a standard response template that can be altered for frequently asked questions. Lastly, make sure helpful links are visible on your pages to redirect residents to self-help resources.

Outsource Afterwork Maintenance Calls

If your staff is stretched thin, don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements, literally. Free up your staff by utilizing a full-service support resource like the Rent Manager Call Center. This 24/7 telecenter is staffed with Rent Manager-trained representatives who answer each call ready to troubleshoot issues and document service requests. You can even set up protocols to determine how and when issues should be and escalated. By removing maintenance inquiries from your plate, you can free up time for your staff to focus on more pressing priorities.

Customer Success, including open availability, is a huge attraction for prospects and a big incentive for current residents. By setting up a process to automate your systems to quickly respond to inquiries and requests, you can create a culture of transparent, reliable communication between you and your residents.

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