How to Communicate Effectively

July 11, 2022


Rent Manager

associations manager working with a resident on their mobile devices

As a property manager, it is crucial to communicate with your prospects and tenants effectively, as it helps ensure your units stay occupied, the rules of your property are clear, and everyone feels informed.

5 Tips to Communicate with Tenants:

1.  Ask and track your residents’ preferred methods of communication
If they have a preference, you should know it and use it. Some renters may have limited access to cellular data or simply prefer email or text rather than a phone call. Using their favored channel lets them know you’re accommodating and respectful of their preferences.

2. Make use of automated software tools
Rent Manager delivers a wide variety of automated communication tools, including Phone Broadcast, Text Broadcast, mass email distribution capabilities, and our integrated rmVoIP phone system. These resources help property managers distribute important messages, track who is calling, and provide an intuitive answering system. Break free from handling communication on your own and take advantage of technology that can help simplify your workday.

3. Your residents want to hear from you just as much as you want to hear from them
Be proactive with your communication regarding service issues, community events, property updates, and other important information. Your residents like to stay in the know. The Tenant Web Access (TWA) Community Calendar is a great way to communicate events and amenity reservations ahead of time. Going above and beyond to keep your renters informed fosters a positive and respectful relationship—making lease renewals more likely.

4. Don’t keep it strictly business
Only communicating with your residents when a problem arises can lead to resentment and a lack of trust. Be sure you’re asking them about their rental experience, say hello when you see them, and plan events designed to connect your community with one another. Today, more and more businesses are bypassing formal communication models to focus on the customer as an individual, and ensure they feel heard. Consider your tenants as partners in your operation.

5. Cultivating an online brand presence is essential
To maintain a positive reputation, you want to be seen as more than just the rent collector. Social media is an ideal platform for connecting with residents and keep it casual. This is a great cost-efficient way to promote your community, showcase your staff, share property-wide updates, and reach prospective renters. Make your communication creative, fun, and visually appealing. Read our Property Manager’s Guide to Social Media for more details and ideas you can implement right away.

Communication can be tricky if you take the wrong approach. Even the best-intended conversations can go south if you aren’t engaged with your audience. Crack the code and keep your community’s channels of communication open with these tips.

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