How to Attract Millennials to Your Property

October 14, 2015


Rent Manager

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Everyone’s talking about millennials ”how to attract them as an employee, the latest trend they’re setting, their work ethic ”but assumptions about this segment of the population often miss the mark or contradict one another. It’s said that millennials don’t have the same job loyalty, yet they’re the hardest-working generation in business. They’re idle and are happy to have things handed to them, but they’re also changing the world.

So which one is it? And how do you market to a group that is surrounded by so many misconceptions?

I recently heard a young business owner (29 years old, and yes, a millennial) speak on what millennials want. And I, as a fellow member of said generation, have to say his opinions were spot on.

According to Chris Sutton, Founder of Noble Denim, millennials want authenticity. They want what they see to be what they get. They cringe at phony ads, lying politicians, and fake personalities. This is why they’ve run fast toward small businesses, homemade items, and the artisan movement altogether. Millennials don’t want to sleep til 3 pm in their parent’s basement at age 25. They want to challenge culture’s norms, perceptions, and stigmas, all while making conscious decisions to make the world less polluted and more joyful.

So how can the world of property management cope with the wants of millennials? After all, this is one of the largest renting populations in the United States.

How to Meet the Desires of Millennials

The answer is simple. Millennials want the real deal. They don’t want to browse through photoshopped images of pristine clubhouses and luxury pools only to find out, when they arrive on-site, the property looks nothing like the website. If there is one thing I have experienced as a renter and as a millennial, it’s that false advertising is a sure way to make sure I never sign a lease.

And it’s not just me. I’ve spent hours on tours with friends who found a property online and were only met with disappointment when they saw the space in person. Posting unrealistic, misrepresentative pictures, rent prices, square footage, and amenities will not win a prospect. What it will do, is leave a potential renter with a sour taste.

So when you’re considering marketing tactics for your property, keep this in mind: Millennials want what they see to be what they get. With a sincere attitude and marketing that is true to the space, this group of rent-ready souls will appreciate your honesty and be ready to sign on the dotted line.

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