Go Mobile, or Get Left Behind

May 25, 2016


Rent Manager

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Technology is a beautiful thing. Today’s technological advances have given us the ability to accomplish more than we ever thought possible. There’s no denying lives have been changed by the web, smartphones, and Wi-Fi, but if you haven’t yet adopted the 21st century’s game-changing technology for your business, you’re falling behind the curve; and falling fast. “Going mobile” is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a necessity. Though you may be waiting to convert your team’s tech until it’s absolutely crucial, the bad news is, it’s already late in the game.

By “mobile”, we’re specifically discussing mobile access to your property management software either through a portal or the use of mobile applications.

For those who aren’t currently utilizing these tools to streamline property management tasks, these four pain points might sound familiar:

The Pain Points of Not Going Mobile

  1. Work has to wait until you’re back in the office.

Unlike the managers who do utilize mobile’s time-saving goodness, you have to wait to update any information in your management software until you return to the office. This puts you at risk of forgetting or jumbling crucial details in transit, or you’ll be kept tied down to your desk. If the work can’t be done on a mobile device, the desktop is your home base.

Imagine, instead, if you could easily update unit information, post a new vacancy, or receive payments right on your phone. The necessity of a traditional office would no longer weigh you down.

  1. You don’t have access to real-time information in the field.

Without access to your database on your device, you’re walking around with limited information. You can’t look up which tenant lives in 4B, or check for a delinquency, or confirm a license plate number in the parking lot.

Not utilizing the mobile capabilities of your software means a trip back to the office to verify any information. Consider how convenient it might be to instead carry your data right in your pocket.

  1. Your competition is already one step ahead.

Here is the real stinger. Although you’ve chosen to hold off on “going mobile,” your competition hasn’t. Other property managers in your market come loaded with mobile resources, and their residents are certainly benefiting. Imagine the impact of a manager who can create a service ticket from their phone when a frazzled resident stops them in the hallway. Tenants expect their management to be on top of the changing technology, which means those who do hold a serious competitive edge.

  1. You’re not as efficient as you could be.

To put it plainly and simply, apps and mobile access allow you to work faster and smarter. Without them, you’re using five steps to finish a task that should be completed in two. You’re missing out on increased efficiency and you’re wasting time with traditional procedures.

Rather than staying chained to your chair, cut your project list in half by getting work done in the field.

Deciding to make the leap toward mobile? Check out Rent Manager’s mobile access and applications to see how you can get ahead of the curve.

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