Dog-Friendly Updates to Make your Property Pawsome

August 26, 2020


Rent Manager

Three dogs chewing on a stick

Have you seen more dogs around your property since stay-at-home orders went into place in March? You are not alone. The wave of new pets is thanks to a surge in dog adoptions and fosters amid COVID-19. As state restrictions lift and pets and owners alike head into summer, we have compiled some ways to make your property more dog friendly. 

Dog Park 

Create a space for puppies (and owners) to stretch their legs on your property. Consider fencing off a section of land to create a dog park. If you don’t have space for an outdoor park, designating an interior space in one of your buildings for pups to exercise would be equally welcome by resident dog owners. Freshly run pups are happy dogs, and their humans are happier tenants. High-rise buildings in populated areas that offer dog runs are especially appealing to urban renters. 

Waste Stations 

Whether or not you have a designated space for dogs, it’s a good idea to place waste stations around your property. Positioning these stations near grassy areas reinforces the need for pet parents to clean up after their pets. Waste bags can be customized to feature company logos and come in eco-friendly and compostable options.  Thoughtfully spaced waste stations show everyone you care, while helping to keep your community clean. 

Doggie Daycare 

Let dogs play even when their residents are away! Network with nearby doggie daycares and establish a reciprocal relationship by offering a referral deal that benefits your residents and the pooch play-place. Boost the daycare’s business with four-legged referrals and your renters will enjoy a discount on pet services. Or, connect busy residents who need at-home pet care with a dog-walker. Networking with local dog-centric businesses might require some set-up time, but the effort will pay dividends in happy pups and happy residents. 

Dog Bath, Anyone?  

Dog washing stations are another great way to keep four-legged residents clean and keep messes in one location. You can set up online appointments to track who uses the space and follow up with residents to ensure they clean up after their pets. For bonus points, you can keep the station stocked with dog-friendly shampoos, towels, and other cleaning supplies. Or for properties where a cleaning station isn’t possible, reach out to local groomers to arrange onsite visits. 

Implementing dog-friendly updates may require time, careful planning, and some up-front costs. However, providing amenities for tenants and their canine kiddos will improve your community culture, tenant retention, and may even fetch some new residents.  

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