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March 26, 2014


Erin Hooper

Rent Pergola

A well-designed, user-friendly website is no longer an optional business resource, it’s a must. This is especially true for property managers who need to attract first-rate prospects to their communities. Combine that necessity with the opportunity to get your website and property management software talking to each other, and you’ve got an essential business system that can make an incredibly positive impact on the visibility and profitability of your operation. That’s why we offer custom, integrated web design and development services. Our expert web development team understands your needs, your industry, and Rent Manager®. This know-how is channeled into the creation of unique websites that move businesses forward.

And all it takes to get started is a phone call…

Step 1: Requirements Assessment

Custom web design projects are initially fielded by your Rent Manager sales representative, who then turns the job over to the web design team for a preliminary project evaluation where particular requests and needs are assessed, such as desktop and mobile site requirements, incorporating Online Application and Unit Availability resources; copywriting needs, etc., and a price is quoted.

Step 2: Web Design Meeting

Once all the specifics are documented and agreed-upon, the lead designer will contact you to get acquainted and gather more information about your company and the website project. Details discussed include site design ideas/inspiration; mobile site criteria; brand standards, logos, approved colors, specific terminology; etc. After this in-depth conversation, you will receive a mock-up of the proposed site design and have the opportunity to give feedback on the layout.

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Step 3: Site Development

As design trends ebb and flow, our web team stays on top of what’s visually and visitor-pleasing. By creating custom sites that reflect contemporary design and classic style principles, customers develop the effective online resources their business needs, while establishing a look and feel that they’ll love.

Productivity features that clients typically are eager to incorporate into their custom sites are Rent Manager’s Online Application and Unit Availability functionality, as well as the Resident Web Access and Owner Web Access portals:

  • The Online Application feature integrates an electronic application into the website. Prospects can fill the application out and submit it directly to your Rent Manager system. These applications can then be transformed into prospect or customer records within Rent Manager, no manual data entry required!
  • Unit Availability is a web-based search form that displays available rental units based on your Rent Manager data. It allows your prospects to search for the specific locations and amenities they want most, and get the results they’re looking for instantly.
  • Resident Web Access gives tenants the ability to make online payments, view their payment history, create service issues, and more.
  • Owner Web Access lets owners make online contributions; view financial information including ownerships, checks written, and owner draws; and more.

Regardless of the site features you choose, you’ll be involved in the site development process from start to finish.

Step 4: Site Launch

Whether it’s a brand-new site or an existing-site refresh, your designer works to ensure precise and optimized development. Simultaneously, they keep your priorities, specifications, and desires top-of-mind. That’s how we arrive at a completion point with a site that meets the expectations of all parties. Then, it’s all systems go for launch!

The Internet is the present and future of property management lead sourcing. You must have a well-designed, easy-to-use website to attract the attention of prospective tenants and owners alike.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a custom, integrated website can help you increase the number and quality of prospective renters, as well as your business’ productivity, contact your Rent Manager sales representative today.

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