Choosing the Right Residents, and Helping Them Choose You

September 28, 2017


Rent Manager

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Residents have a lot of choices when searching for their next home. Should they buy or rent? Do they want a house, townhouse, apartment, or something else? There are countless options available and competition is fierce for their business. Once you’ve attracted these valuable prospects to your website and piqued their interest in your property, your next steps are crucial.

If you’ve equipped your site with our Apply Now feature, those prospective renters can easily start the application process right on your website, making them even more likely to choose your property for their next home. The information collected in your online application automatically generates a new prospect in Rent Manager, saving all of the relevant information you’ve requested in your customized application form. Now it’s your turn to start making decisions!

Who you choose to approve isn’t just a matter of an applicant having the income to support your asking price. It’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your property and residents by carefully curating your community according to a defined level of standards. And along those lines, it’s crucial to make sure that your policies and your screening process complies with the Fair Housing Act.

Customizing your property’s evaluation criteria through AmRent‘s integrated screening application is an easy way to vet candidates at the time of application. AmRent offers more than 350 unique decision variables related to credit, criminal convictions, prior evictions, and more. Each variable can then be customized based on timeframe, frequency, dollar amount, and regarding criminal records, specific offenses, dispositions, and classification of crime.

A decision and internal recommendation is generated within minutes, and results are automatically saved in Rent Manager to the prospect’s history/notes section. Because the decision process is pre-programmed and based on your unique, pre-defined criteria, you can ensure uniform decisions with every applicant, helping you remain in compliance with Fair Housing requirements.

Customizing your property’s online application and automating the screening process helps your property stand out amongst the rest, and ensures that your vacancies are filled with the best possible candidates. Need a little help? AmRent’s account executives are happy to assist you with customizing your screening program, and Rent Manager’s professional services team can help you get everything else in place: custom websites, application forms, letters, and more.

Learn more about AmRent during our next Tech Tuesday webinar: Automate Your Screening Process to Improve Profitability,  on Tuesday, October 3, at 2:00 pm EST.

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