Communication Tools to Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

March 10, 2021


Rent Manager

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Between homeschooling your children and converting kitchen tables into workspaces with hardly any reprieve from the pandemic, many of us feel at the end of our ropes. While the influx of digital communication tools has kept countless property management teams afloat, it’s taken an obvious toll on team members’ mental health and work/life balance. The pressure to be “on” and ready to respond to messages from both residents and colleagues well after office hours has brought on some serious burnout.

According to a study conducted by Asana, more than 89% of American workers said they faced burnout in 2020, and nine out of ten workers also admitted to working longer hours throughout 2020.

The lines between work and home have severely blurred. It’s time to start alleviating some of that strain by reinstating boundaries. Rent Manager’s strategic communication tools can help you do just that. Schedule messages to send at times that work best for your team, outsource emergency maintenance calls to the Rent Manager Call Center, and more.

Efficient Ways to Use Rent Manager’s Communication Tools

Schedule Text Messages to Send When it’s Convenient for You

Rent Manager’s Text Broadcasting* capabilities showcase the beauty of the mass text—quick, unobtrusive, and to the point. Compose one outgoing message to send to hundreds of tenants at once.  Convey crucial information about building maintenance, price increases, or shifting amenity protocols with prescheduled texts. A record of each message will display in each tenant’s History/Notes section. You can schedule these texts to go out when it’s most convenient for you. Further, you can let residents know where to send follow-up questions. You can direct questions to your website, the message board in the Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal, or give specific times for when you will be available for questions.

Establish Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications* encourage proactive communication. Once they’re established, they stay true to their name and automate communications for you. You can establish text and email alerts to send to your tenants when a certain set of criteria is met. These include a signable document being available for a renter to sign in their TWA portal, or a change of status for a resident’s service issue.

Automated Notifications can be configured to send to your coworkers as well. Keep your team up to speed with new task assignments and project progression without having to stop and send yet another email.

Save Time with Phone Broadcasts

This solution allows you to record an audio message and send it to multiple owners, tenants, prospects, or even vendors at once. Using Rent Manager filters and shortcuts, you can quickly compile a Numbers Lists of the contacts who will receive your audio message. Schedule Phone Broadcasts* to send whenever you’d like. Phone Broadcasts save so much valuable time. Rather than making individual calls, you can share important details in a single, curated message to every person involved.

Outsource Emergency Maintenance Calls to Rent Manager Call Center

The Rent Manager Call Center, powered by Anequim, provides your tenants with comprehensive, 24/7 maintenance support. Well-trained representatives answer each call ready to troubleshoot, document service requests, and escalate issues based on your predetermined protocol. Ease the pressure of constantly being on-call with this customer-service-driven resource. This all-encompassing service fully integrates with your Rent Manager data. Plus, a record of every call and request will be detailed in your database.

When you’re strategic about your means of communication, you can protect your energy, decrease burnout, and still keep important information flowing from your outbox.

*To learn more about these Rent Manager features, press the F1 key in your Rent Manager database to access the Help File.

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