Avoid the Pitfalls of Poorly Managed Property Maintenance

August 16, 2017


Rent Manager

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Tenants tend to like their landlord to be relatively invisible until there’s a property maintenance problem. At the first sign of a leaking faucet or a less-than-chilly refrigerator, you’re suddenly their new best or worst friend depending on your response.

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One of the biggest perks of renting is not having to worry about routine maintenance of the building, appliances, and grounds. For some, yard work is a welcome stress reliever/hobby/passion. But for others, the thought of mowing the lawn in the scorching summer sun sends a chill down their overworked spines.

Respond Promptly to Property Maintenance Requests

In apartments rented with fully furnished kitchens, the tenant realizes an upfront savings of thousands of dollars. Plus, they get the added assurance that the appliances will be maintained in working order. What a load off their mind! But what if the refrigerator isn’t staying safely cold and they just loaded it with groceries? Time is a huge factor in this service request. Lag time could wreck a tenant’s dinner party, or waste a $200 grocery trip. After the debacle, that tenant will spread the word and possibly damage your community’s reputation. Your online ratings and reviews can go from glowing, to up-in-flames in a matter of hours.

With the proper plan in place, you can take on any maintenance challenge with ease and speed, showing your tenants exactly why they choose to live in your community. In today’s digital age, almost anything can be accomplished online, or on a mobile device. If you’re not keeping up, your competitors will and they’ll show your tenants exactly how modern maintenance can be!

Rent Manager Integrations Can Help

Rent Manager’s open API interface allows for several great integrations that help you meet and exceed your tenants’ expectations. Using an intuitive maintenance automation platform, Property Meld syncs tenant and property information with your Rent Manager database. This eliminates hours of wait time from the maintenance process.

Thanks to Property Meld’s user-friendly interface, you can handle every aspect of a service via text message, mobile app, or website. You send out the maintenance request to your technicians or vendors. Then, Property Meld handles the scheduling, reminders, verification of completion, satisfaction, and even performance analytics. It’s the ultimate in transparency and the epitome of ease for you and your staff.

From the very first service call to streamlined scheduling, real-time progress updates and even collecting tenant feedback, Property Meld makes it easy to move the maintenance process forward to completion.

Learn more about Property Meld in our next Tech Tuesday webinar on Tuesday, August 22. Or, visit their website at www.propertymeld.com.

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