Ask, Receive, Respond: 3 Steps to Improve Resident Experience

March 3, 2021


Rent Manager

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Ask, receive, respond—three simple steps to improve resident experiences and, in turn, ensure your properties’ success.

Nearly 94% of renters said they were more apt to move into a new apartment community that shares its reviews.

This means properly managing resident feedback and your properties’ reviews can effectively improve retention rates and keep units occupied.


Being a proactive communicator is crucial in improving resident satisfaction. If your goal is to improve tenant experiences, how do you know what your residents truly want without asking them? Ask for feedback and deliver results based on actual responses. When you’ve delivered an A+ experience, ask your happy renters to leave a 5-star review. When it comes to organic online reviews, a great experience isn’t as significant a motivation as a negative one. This is why asking your satisfied residents for their feedback is crucial to keeping your property portrayed correctly online.


Nearly 72% of people who are asked to give feedback go on to do so. When a higher number of satisfied tenants leave feedback, those positive reviews will naturally increase the star rating of your community, resulting in more potential residents interested in your property. Finding a tool (like this one with a 56% response rate!) to automatically request feedback, drive 5-star reviews online, and give you an opportunity to fix negative experiences before they get posted is essential. Asking your residents can mean the difference between a 2-star and 5-star property.


A huge bonus to responding to your reviews? A boost in your local SEO and ranking higher than other properties in your area. Following up on reviews shows your residents you care about their opinion and their experience. Replying to a negative review can give you a chance to fix any issues, enhance communication and trust, and ask for a revised review. A response personalizes your business—what better way to make a resident feel truly at home?  

Ask, Receive, Respond…But Make it Easy

These three steps might seem like a full-time job—especially in the multifamily industry. However, Opiniion (a resident-feedback platform) has recently integrated with Rent Manager to create a seamless solution to benefit property management companies to ask, receive, and respond in a hands-off, automated, and effortless approach.

Opiniion is an automated tool for property managers to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies get more online reviews, survey current and past residents, identify key issues, and collect and understand more meaningful data around their community experience through analytics. For more information, please visit

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