9 Reasons to Love the Company Culture at LCS

July 8, 2020


Rent Manager

Top Workplaces logos hung in the LCS headquarters

At LCS, we genuinely value our company culture; it’s something we’ve meticulously nurtured and honed for years. For the ninth consecutive year, LCS has been named one of Enquirer Media’s Top Workplaces in Cincinnati, ranking 9th in the midsize-company category! LCS earned this honor for something the staff here already knew—LCS values its people.

Beginning humbly in 1987, LCS President and CEO, Dave Hegemann developed and wrote the code for Rent Manager property management software. The program was created to help automate and alleviate his father’s lengthy to-do list at their family’s mixed-use rental property and was among the first of its kind in the industry. As the years went on, the software grew exponentially in its capabilities, as did the company itself. LCS and Rent Manager are now more than 350-employees strong. We remain a tight-knit crew dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of property management. This commitment to excellence, culture, leadership, work/life balance, benefits and more, make it easy to love working at LCS

1. LCS’ Company Events

LCS employees have an unwavering commitment to finding and having fun wherever possible. Through annual events like outdoor movie nights, the LCS Carnival, and the highly anticipated LCS Olympics, we have established a solid work hard, play hard standard on Waterstone Boulevard. Everyone’s competitive natures are revealed when it comes time to pass the torch for the Olympics.

2. LCS Offers Room to Grow

Right from the start, new employees work with a professional development coach who guides them toward success. Coaches get to know each individual’s strengths as they go through the training and onboarding process. Making themselves available for questions and frequent check-ins, coaches ensure new hires feel settled, welcome, and an important part of the team.

3. Amazing Office Space

LCS’ office space is as creative and inspired as its employees. Natural light streams through what feels like an entire building made of windows. Beyond the cubicles, there’s a game room equipped with a ping pong table, video games, and board games. Employees also enjoy an on-site gym, a massive break room with couches, outdoor seating, smart tech in boardrooms, and so much more. The investment and intention that went into the office environment feels like an intrinsic motivator as team members collaborate on projects.

4. But First, Coffee

There’s nothing quite like being greeted by the soothing aroma of coffee as you walk into the office each morning. LCS ensures there is a steady supply of caffeine with free coffee stations on every floor. A fresh cup encourages productivity and starts the day off on the right note.

5. The People

It’s no secret that the successes of LCS and Rent Manager directly reflected the exceptionally dedicated people who work here. The talent and collaboration among employees know no bounds, and it wasn’t interrupted when we had to shift to remote workspaces in early 2020. The communicative culture at LCS inspires an open-door policy between teams, managers, and peers. We are a group of doers who genuinely want to help and celebrate one another.

6. Walking Trails at the LCS Headquarters

Trees and wooded walking trails surround LCS’ stunning campus. Immersing yourself in the outdoors is an ideal way to recharge and regroup after intensely focusing on a project with a tight deadline. Once a month, LCS hosts a Walking Wednesday 3K when employees can get outside to walk and chat on the paths during their lunch breaks. This activity also earns them Humana Go365 points.

7. The Rent Manager User Conference

Every year the LCS team comes together to put on our biggest event—the Rent Manager User Conference (RMUC). This experience is an exceptional opportunity for Rent Manager customers to feel inspired, connected, and enabled to really grow their businesses. The RMUC comes to fruition through some serious hard work and preparation. From crafting each design element to teaching dozens of sessions to event setup and teardown, the conference is the epitome of teamwork. Our customers learn from our experts and other industry professionals, all while having a blast in a different destination each year.

8. All-Hands Meetings

On the final workday of every month, all LCS employees gather in the atrium for a company-wide All-Hands meeting. Dave Hegemann and others address the company and celebrate our biggest wins, relay exciting announcements, recognize employees who have gone above and beyond, and welcome new hires to the team. It’s a reminder that no matter your role, we are stronger together and can accomplish anything.

9. Co-op/Intern Program

LCS fosters an environment that encourages continuous learning.  The co-op and intern program works with several local universities to match students with internship opportunities in their field. Co-op and intern students are introduced at All-Hands meetings, assigned nearly the same projects as full-time employees, and made to feel like true members of the team. This helps them get a feel for the company culture and sets them up for future success.

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