5 Ways to Avoid Budget Pain While Planning for Uncertainty

February 9, 2022


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In a typical year, budgeting is a challenge. In an abnormal year filled with market shifts, fluctuating rent collection, and a spike in technology use, budgeting for the future can seem like an impossible task. Now that we’ve reached the end of Q1 in 2022, how are your financial projections shaping up? Although we can’t fully anticipate what to expect this year, focusing on your set goals and objectives will assist you in effectively managing your budget and making smart financial decisions. As you continue to track your expenses, keep the following tips in mind to purposefully evaluate your initial projections and stay prepared during this new chapter.

Do Your Homework

Before diving into number crunching, take a hard look at your cash flow and payables, and simplify where you can. Reviewing current revenue, financial comparison reports to years prior, staff salaries, and average utility costs can help establish a solid starting point, and then factor in potential growth for this year. Your Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss reports are a great place to start. Additionally, looking at current expenses—like lawn/landscape care, maintenance supplies, and software—shows what portion of your budget is already accounted for.

Find Time to Plan Your Budget

Budget planning is not a task you can accomplish in an afternoon. It’s imperative to set aside adequate time to have discussions with your team and understand the market and economic conditions to ensure needs are being met. Working in a dynamic industry like property management, it’s a good practice to set aside time each quarter to assess performance and see where finances could be optimized.

Prioritize Your Budget Allocations Carefully

While budgeting for properties used to be more of a “push-and-pull” process, COVID-19 has made prioritization a necessity, according to Multifamily Insiders. Budgeting now is all about needs over wants. With an increase in technology use, many companies plan to allocate a portion of their budget to tools and technology to gain a competitive edge. Investing in a holistic platform like ShowMojo or Tenant Turner could be a great step to automate your leasing process and provide a pleasant experience for prospects. In addition, businesses still need to consider extra sanitization processes and PPE for staff and residents. 2022 may not be the year that your property gets a new pool or gym, but by keeping these items in your budget, you could see a payoff through increased tenant satisfaction and new leases throughout the year.

Remain Flexible

Forecasting is an extensive process of estimating gains and losses for upcoming months. Not knowing what to expect in 2022 further complicates the process. You may need to re-forecast frequently this year to stay on top of trends and continue to effectively position your business. As we know from the past two years, being open to change and remaining flexible will be key as we move forward. The numbers you set at the end of last year may already be changing, and they may change again in two months. Having a general list of objectives and set priorities will make decisions easier later in the year if it comes time to make cuts.

Go Digital

As the past 12 months have quickly pushed us further into the age of technology, now is the time ditch the file cabinets full of receipts, tedious spreadsheets, and hopping in and out of multiple programs. Feel completely confident in your financial management by switching to digital organization. Through Rent Manager’s complete accounting capabilities and comprehensive budget feature, you can plan your finances with ease via statements like the Budget Comparison Report or Fiscal Year Budget Report.* Ensure your company spending is on track. Measure income, follow expenses and develop informed financial projections.

Don’t let your budget weigh you down. By preparing ahead of time and being ready for anything, you can avoid budget pain all year long.

*To view more information on these features, go to the Help File by clicking F1 while in your Rent Manager database.

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