4 Property Maintenance Features You Need to Use

April 7, 2021


Rent Manager

Plumber performing property maintenance on pipes

Between winter snow, spring storms, and normal wear and tear, chances are your maintenance team has a long list of to-dos. To kickstart your repair season, we’ve compiled an overview of some of our best Rent Manager maintenance features to keep your property running smoothly.

Master Your Meters

Your maintenance techs have enough on their plates without manually calculating or estimating utility costs. Using the advanced utility billing modules within Metered Utilities Plus*, property managers can process metered utilities in communities and states that require special calculations. You can create multiple utility suppliers and meters, identify which units qualify for special discounts, and more. View the full scope of Metered Utilities Plus capabilities here.

Streamlined Service Issues

Responding quickly to maintenance problems and effectively managing them is critical to tenant retention and property upkeep. You need to see what issues are outstanding and monitor those tasks to ensure their timely completion. Use Service Manager* to create, update, and resolve service issues; and use the module to track everything from maintenance work to regular office tasks. You can also view a dashboard list of all open items to track and respond to issues.

You can further customize and organize your service issue list by setting the Service Issues Categories*, Service Issue Priorities*, and Service Issue Statuses*. When completing the same repair or service over and over again, save time with memorized issues*. For frequent requests, you can create a new memorized issue. Alternatively, you can “memorize” an existing issue by saving it as a template. You can review and select the list of your memorized issues in the Memorized Issues Register. You can select a memorized issue from the register to view or edit, or you may add a new template.

Intuitive Inspections

Inspections are a necessary-but-sometimes-daunting task. The more you can do to remove uncertainness and simplify your process, the easier inspections will go for your team. Customized Inspection Templates* speak to your property’s unique needs and cut out the clutter of generic forms. You can also equip your team with a detailed history and checklist from Rent Manager notes with Inspection Reports*. Your employees can update their report, the status of a unit, or conduct the entire inspection process remotely with the rmAppSuite Pro integration*.

Partner With An Integrated Provider

To further customize your maintenance operations, work with one of our technology providers to source unique solutions for your property. Both Breezeway and Property Meld offer task scheduling solutions, while Latchel provides 24/7 maintenance assistance. Lula and Visitt work to increase operational standards with smart property maintenance.

*To learn more about these Rent Manager features, press the F1 key in your Rent Manager database to access the Help File, then search for the resources you want to better understand.

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