4 Items in Your Leasing Office You Didn’t Know You Needed; Until Now

March 8, 2016


Rent Manager

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Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and sometimes you don’t know what you need until you don’t have it. Ever find yourself in situations feeling out-of-luck because what you need just isn’t there? Today, we’ll try to be ahead of those”after-thoughts” as we discuss the four items you need in your leasing office that you might not have thought of before.

Umbrellas and an Umbrella Stand

Imagine you’re expecting a prospect in for a tour, and much to your—and their—surprise, it starts to downpour. You might have an umbrella stashed in your car, but nothing is in the office and you are showing them an apartment on the other side of the community. For this situation, and plenty of others, having an umbrella stand with several umbrellas can come in handy when clear skies turn gray. Not only will it keep you dry as you walk between units or hop on the golf cart, but you’ll also leave a great first impression when you save your prospect from an afternoon shower.


Famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld does a bit on how often people carry around drinks. They’ve got their coffee in the morning, their afternoon iced tea, then a mid-day Frappuccino, and don’t forget the always-stylish bottle of water. The point is, anyone visiting your office is likely carrying a beverage. Save your beautiful wood furniture and get some coasters. Your desk will be rescued from unsightly water rings and your guests will feel accommodated and welcomed.

Scented Wax Warmer

First impressions in a leasing office are crucial. Your space is clean, organized, and friendly, but maybe that lingering scent from lunch is still floating through the air. You could light a candle, sure. But you’d have to make sure you blow it out before leaving for an inspection or tour. A scented plugin may be helpful, but they have limited reach and refills can be expensive.

So what’s an easy alternative? Avoid smells that are less-than-inviting by using a scented wax warmer. You can control the amount of fragrance, easily switch between scents, and avoid a fire hazard with this inexpensive alternative.

Something Kid-Friendly

We recently heard of a story when a family came in on moving day with their toddler. The process of signing final documents and discussing community policy took about 30 minutes, making for a very restless child. Luckily, the leasing agent had some Disney figurines on her desk that kept their daughter occupied. Consider having a few knick-knacks around that can serve as a buffer for families with small children. They can be more helpful than you think.

So that’s our list of the random, yet useful items you might want to stash in your office. Have another must-have item you have found helpful? Keep the conversation going on our Facebook page!

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