Webinar: AvidXChange: Regain the 3 C’s with AP Automation: Cash Management, Control, and Compliance

2 P.M. EST, February 16

As the financial front line of your business, you value three things above all others: cash, control, and compliance. Manual accounts payable processes threaten your handle on the “3 C’s.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have the visibility you need into cash flow?
  2. Do you know where invoices/payments are in the approval process at all times?
  3. If you were audited right now, do you feel fully prepared?

In this week’s webinar our Integrated Partner, AvidXChange, will teach you how to regain the 3 C’s in your real estate company with AP Automation for Rent Manager!

Meeting ID: 443-471-323

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