Tech Tuesday – The Combination of Tech & Resident Amenities is Changing the Industry

Tech Tuesday Logos - Latchel

2 P.M. EST, September 28

Meeting ID: 898-981-555

As technology advances across all industries and everyday processes become faster, more convenient, and responsive; residents are expecting more than they ever have from their living experience. Property managers need to meet those demands without burning out in order to stay competitive. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts from Latchel as they explore how property managers can use a combination of tech and resident amenities to exceed expectations of renters in a way that reduces operational overhead, increases 5 star reviews, and drives new revenue.


This webinar will cover:

  • The current state of the industry state: residents are the priority
  • How tech is helping property managers meet the rising expectations of residents in a way that facilitates stronger business health
  • Why residents are willing to pay more for enhanced services
  • Renters’ most used and requested amenities
  • Why responsiveness is key to increased online reviews
  • How COVID-19 changed the landscape of resident amenities
  • A demonstration of Latchel’s seamless integration with Rent Manager

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