Tech Tuesday – The Biggest ‘Movers’ in Improving your Resident Experience

Date & Time: September 27 @ 2 P.M. Eastern
Duration: 1 Hour
Meeting ID: 435-879-507


“Improving the resident experience” has become a buzz-worthy phrase in the industry. But what does it mean exactly? How can you make better data-driven decisions without wasting money on unnecessary property upgrades? First, you need to understand what your residents like and dislike about your processes. Next, use the feedback you’ve received to make improvements where they have the potential to make the biggest impact. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Opiniion will discuss the aggregated responses from 1M+ units. They’ve gathered the “movers,” or gamechangers that have the strongest potential to help or hurt your property’s resident experience.

This webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of improving the resident experience at your property
  • The industry’s biggest “movers” when it comes to improving the resident experience based on data from over 1M+ units
  • The correlation between your resident satisfaction and your Google Reviews, and how you can you better leverage 5-star experiences into 5-star reviews
  • Opiniion’s integration with Rent Manager and a product demonstration
  • Q & A Session
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